Backyard Beekeeping

Whether for fun or profit, bees are sweet

While bees are not the only pollinators around, they are an extremely important one, with some estimates indicating that over a third of all agricultural products grow due to the work done by the little yellow-and-black insects. For the average person, though, bees are simply a stinging critter to be avoided, squashed and feared. In reality, bees are gentle creatures that can serve as a wonderful addition to any farm or garden plot—including those in urban areas. Read more


On The Farm In Style

Ruthie Pepler isn’t trying to create agritourism on her farm in Harriet. She’s attempting to create a farm for agritourism. The Peplers—Ruthie, husband Thomas and their two daughters... Read more


The Fairest Of Them All

Each October, thousands come out to the Arkansas State Fairground for the largest gathering in the state–the Arkansas State Fair and Livestock Show. Read more

Eating Safe, Eating Well

In just the past few years, Arkansas has experienced a boom in the number of food producers that sell baked goods, jams, jellies, chocolate and a host of other artisanal products. Read more