Growing an Urban Farm Community

Chris Hiryak wanted to farm and live in the city, so he created an urban farm and grew the community infrastructure to support it

When you think “urban,” what comes to mind? It’s probably not green spaces, poultry, lush gardens, or heaping baskets of fresh produce. Yet that’s exactly what the urban farming movement is— Read more


Rite of Spring

Some see spring’s arrival in the daffodils that come forth in late February or early March. Others find it in the redbuds that lazily loosen tiny blossoms ... Read more

Dreams Of A Farm Girl

“I grew up in the city, but I always wanted to be a farm girl,” says Katie Short when asked how she came up with the name Farm Girl Meats... Read more

Farming For Fun And Life

As Arkansans fall deeper in love with all things homegrown, it’s clear that farmers are the new rock stars here in the Natural State. Read more