Dreams Of A Farm Girl

Katie Short has big plans for farming innovation

“I grew up in the city, but I always wanted to be a farm girl,” says Katie Short when asked how she came up with the name Farm Girl Meats. “I’ve always had an affinity for animals and science.” It’s a love that saw her cut classes as a teen in order to visit local farms... Read more


Farming For Fun And Life

As Arkansans fall deeper in love with all things homegrown, it’s clear that farmers are the new rock stars here in the Natural State. Read more

Sustainability And Longevity

The year was 1995, and Jay Fulbright of Arkansas Natural Produce needed a change. “I was a regular truck farmer, selling to grocers,” Read more

From Service To Soil

With 160 acres of timber and pasture, there’s always somewhere Arkansas’ first certified Homegrown by Heroes member, Damon Helton, needs to be. Read more