Betting on the Small Farm

A Growing Family Affair

By Deborah Horn

Becky and Bruce Goyne drove about 100 miles across Southwest Arkansas on a recent Saturday morning to Miracle Farms Market. They came for grass-fed beef but stayed for hours, relaxing under the shade of native pecan trees, drinking homemade lemonade and discussing the year’s excessive rainfall as cool breezes blew across the hot afternoon. Instead of traffic or sirens, the afternoon is occasionally interrupted by chirping birds, baaing lambs or laughter.  … Read more


Homemade Butter
Old-Fashioned Delight 

Many Arkansas families are steeped in rural roots. I count myself fortunate to be among those. Both my paternal and maternal grandparents had farmsteads where I spent a good deal of my formative years. Among the many traditions  … Read more

Olde Crow General Store
Bringing Farm-Fresh Food to Downtown Benton

Before he became a farmer, Damon Helton had completed five tours of duty with the U.S. Army in Iraq and Afghanistan. The natural next step upon returning to the homeland, it seemed, was selling tactical equipment and apparel to the military.   … Read more


Not Just Good Looks - Edible Flowers

Spring is poised to rush in with full floral regalia: dainty blue borage garnishing cocktails, nasturtium petals lending their colorful pop to salad mixes, fresh lavender and more.  … Read more

The New South Co-op

If the local food movement is to become sustainable and farmers are able to sell enough to feed and support their own families, it will take more than a handful of farmers markets  Read more


From Field to Vase

Wrapped in paper and artfully tied with twine, local flowers are fixtures at Arkansas farmers markets ...Read more

The Locals

The Locals is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting local projects and events,... Read more



Herbs: An expert offers sage advice

Diane Brownlee and Jerry Smith recently acquired a 100-acre farm, and the future farm-steaders are eager....Read more