Fighting World Hunger

Heifer Village Educates and Fortifies Since 1971

Walking onto the Heifer Village campus in the shadow of Little Rock’s Clinton Presidential Center is like entering another world. A beautiful glass and steel building—home to Heifer International—soars skyward, a sleek big sister to the low-slung Village building next door. 

Inside Heifer Village, people take their lunch in the cafe or browse the internationally-sourced items in the gift shop. All year long, at virtually any time of the day, children are everywhere. Wide-eyed and curious, they delight in the Village’s interactive displays depicting life in foreign lands, bringing the world just a little bit closer to their door. ....Read more


Keeping Bees

It was a surprise to me,” Joyce Simmons says of her husbands’ embrace of beekeeping. Desmond Simmons points out that it was a surprise to... Read more

From Barnyards to Backyards

As Nathan Reed expertly slid his hand under the plumage of a large Rhode Island Red, the chicken clucked a few times in protest. Nothing more. .... Read more


Going MAD for Griffin’s

At four, John E. Peters III was shucking oysters, at 14 he was washing dishes at a local eatery  Read more