From Barnyards to Backyards

Chickens Take Over

As Nathan Reed expertly slid his hand under the plumage of a large Rhode Island Red, the chicken clucked a few times in protest. Nothing more.

Standing in a chicken coop built by Star City High School students, the senior explained that sitting hens can be “a little cranky and some are protective of their eggs.” If upset, the chicken might peck at the approaching hand or arm. Nonetheless, he said, “You learn to do it.” He recommended approaching the bird calmly, and he seemed to possess the magic touch as he continued down the row of laying boxes designed to accommodate egg production....Read more


Going MAD for Griffin’s

At four, John E. Peters III was shucking oysters, at 14 he was washing dishes at a local eatery  Read more

Backyard Beekeeping

While bees are not the only pollinators around, they are an extremely important one, with some estimates indicating that over a third of all.... Read more


On The Farm In Style

Ruthie Pepler isn’t trying to create agritourism on her farm in Harriet. She’s attempting to create a farm for agritourism. The Peplers—Ruthie, husband Thomas and their two daughters... Read more