Tale of the Grape

Grapes are Ripe for the Picking

The rows of grapevines stand shimmering in quarter-mile long rows, stretching into the hazy mountain vista. Foliage hunches over their bracings, shaggy and round, like emerald-green bison slow-moving in the late summer heat. Underneath, grapes dangle in clumps and colonies, some ripened to a deep amethyst hue, others yielding the softest blush of color. ....Read more


Fighting World Hunger

Walking onto the Heifer Village campus in the shadow of Little Rock’s Clinton Presidential Center is like entering another world. … Read more

Keeping Bees

It was a surprise to me,” Joyce Simmons says of her husbands’ embrace of beekeeping. Desmond Simmons points out that it was a surprise to... Read more

From Barnyards to Backyards

As Nathan Reed expertly slid his hand under the plumage of a large Rhode Island Red, the chicken clucked a few times in protest. Nothing more. .... Read more