The Best Ones

Accidental Pecan Farmers

Leanna Clark, a retired critical care nurse, spent the last 20 years of her career in the emergency room at St. Vincent’s before retiring five years ago. Her husband, Bob Clark, is a physician who retired from surgery 20 years ago and medicine 15 years ago. Their previous occupations might be considered by some a far cry from the primary occupation of their retirement—raising pecans and cattle.   — Read more


Working Toward Self-Sufficiency

Pulling up the drive to Milk & Honey Hill Farm in New Blaine, Arkansas is like pulling up to a little spot of farm paradise. At the end of the dead-end dirt road is a lovely home set on the edge of a bluff, and alongside that home is 40 acres, ... Read more

Goats 101

Long before goat cheese was all the rage, the Scrogins family of Olvey kept about 10 milk goats, enough to satisfy the family’s needs. The youngest daughter, Ginger, who was deathly allergic to cow’s milk, remembers her older sister Frances ... Read more


Here comes the corn

Chad Esau was just 13 years old when his family moved from south Louisiana to Dumas, Arkansas. His parents had been raising peaches,   — Read more

A Life on the Land

Joe Thrash leans his arms on the kitchen table and takes a sip of coffee, his eyes gazing out a back wall of windows at the bare field in back of the house.... Read more

An Uncommon Herd

Ratchford Buffalo Farms is, in fact, Arkansas’ very own—and only—buffalo farm, but it’s so much more than that. It’s the lifelong dream of LC Ratchford made reality. ... Read more


Raisin' Cattle

When the weather warms and folks start grilling, beef is king. And good beef comes from good cattle. And good cattle aren’t made—they’re raised. ... Read more


The Arkansas Soil Health  Alliance Takes Root

“I don’t see how we’re going to continue to farm the way we currently are. Something has to change,” Robbie Bevis says. Bevis, a fifth-generation farmer in Scott... Read more

Sunshine in a Bottle

It’s like sunshine caught in a bottle, and its nutty taste bursts in the mouth. It’s non GMO, drought tolerant and cold-pressed, chocked full of Vitamin E and healthy fats. Sunflower oil has been the oil of choice in Europe for centuries.— Read more