There’s plenty of information online about growing herbs and their uses, but be sure to cross reference information, especially when it comes to using herbs for medicinal purposes. For more ideas, Tripp urged conference attendees to attend seminars, network and learn from others. She also recommended Anne Kennedy’s book, “Herbal Medicine,” and Lucinda Hutson’s book, “The Herb Garden Cookbook.”...Read more


Every Dish Tells A Story

Unfussy but delicious, Oven & Tap has its own farm-to-table tale to tell. To a growing group of Arkansas foodies, the downtown Bentonville eatery is a culinary must-read. Luke Wetzel, owner, designed his restaurant with modern, clean lines, ..Read more

A New Take On An Old Staple
Geek Eats

Ann West sampled several flavor offerings, including the Carrot Curry, at Geek Eats’ booth, but after a moment of thoughtful consideration, she purchased her favorite, the Black Bean Hummus. ... Read more

Paris' Hidden Treasure

Prestonrose Farm and Brewery—or, as it’s called by those who know it, “The beer farm”—is easy enough to find. Take the Pottsville bypass off Interstate 40 coming from Little Rock and travel through Dardanelle before turning... Read more