Walking the Talk

New Members-Only Club Commits to Local Food

By Lacey Thacker  Photography by Kat Wilson

The upcoming members’ club BlakeSt in Bentonville embodies lofty principles and big goals: to be well-fed and well-informed. Executive chef Simon Brown says, “It is ambitious; anything worth doing usually is. It’s also simple: We support you–and your neighbor –in the pursuit of a personal best.” To that end, BlakeSt will offer relaxing dining, a bar, a gymnasium, a pool, spa area, library, game room and a soundproof music room, all intended to create a space where members can spend time developing into the person they want to be. Active networking will be prohibited in the club; only organic relationship-building will be allowed. ...Read more


Central Arkansas Markets
Local Stores, Local Food

Arkansas is blessed with a temperate climate and lengthy growing season, so it’s no surprise we also find ourselves fortunate in the number of fresh food sources available. ...Read more

There’s a New Flavor In Downtown

Dos Rocas, with and its distinctive South American flavor, recently opened on Main Street in the SoMA district. The restaurant draws from centuries of Paraguayan taste and tradition, brought in by  ...Read more


There’s a long held custom in the South of picking the last green tomatoes of autumn just prior to the first killing frost to preserve them for coming seasons in the form of chow-chow.  ...Read more


A Quiet Craft

As the popularity of locally produced food increases, so too does the demand for processing facilities to ready the food for consumers. Between local food co-ops like Grass Roots and  ...Read more

Rare Fungi

There are a lot of unexpected things awaiting the visitor at Wye Mountain Mushroom Farm, nestled in the shadow of Pinnacle Mountain.. ...Read more

A Taste of Summer

I spent a good deal of my formative years on my grandparents’ farm, where Mamma had an Elberta peach tree in her yard. The sensation of eating unpeeled fruit right from the tree was like taking a little bite of heaven. ...Read more


Every Dish Tells A Story

Unfussy but delicious, Oven & Tap has its own farm-to-table tale to tell. To a growing group of Arkansas foodies, the downtown Bentonville eatery is a culinary must-read. Luke Wetzel, owner, designed his restaurant with modern, clean lines, ..Read more

A New Take On An Old Staple
Geek Eats

Ann West sampled several flavor offerings, including the Carrot Curry, at Geek Eats’ booth, but after a moment of thoughtful consideration, she purchased her favorite, the Black Bean Hummus. ... Read more

Paris' Hidden Treasure

Prestonrose Farm and Brewery—or, as it’s called by those who know it, “The beer farm”—is easy enough to find. Take the Pottsville bypass off Interstate 40 coming from Little Rock and travel through Dardanelle before turning... Read more



Farm-To-Table Recipes

Farm-to-Table 2019 recipes

Arkansas Food and Farm has collected a variety of recipes from farms and restaurants around the state that range from side dishes to main dishes and from breakfast to dessert. We hope you'll enjoy recreating these in your own kitchen. And remember to tag #arkansasfoodandfarm in your food pics!...Read more


There’s plenty of information online about growing herbs and their uses, but be sure to cross reference information, especially when it comes to using herbs for medicinal purposes. For more ideas, Tripp urged conference attendees to attend seminars, network and learn from others. She also recommended Anne Kennedy’s book, “Herbal Medicine,” and Lucinda Hutson’s book, “The Herb Garden Cookbook.”...Read more

Farm To table Recipes

Pick any month of the calendar you’d like, and you’ll find something delicious and local to eat in Arkansas. Need proof? Look no further than these seasonal recipes from farmers and chefs who grow and love local ingredients—because no matter the time of year, it’s always a great day for some home cooking....Read more