There’s plenty of information online about growing herbs and their uses, but be sure to cross reference information, especially when it comes to using herbs for medicinal purposes. For more ideas, Tripp urged conference attendees to attend seminars, network and learn from others. She also recommended Anne Kennedy’s book, “Herbal Medicine,” and Lucinda Hutson’s book, “The Herb Garden Cookbook.”...Read more


Bringing Back the Old Varieties

Richard Tanner finds his niche for heirloom tomatoes and peppers at Tanner Farm

On a Tuesday morning in mid-July, Richard Tanner and his family are in the truck headed to Little Rock from Rison, where their farm is located. ...Read more

Tomato Time

Preserving Arkansas’ favorite fruit

In the late 19th century, tomato production in the state of Arkansas expanded as canneries and tomato sheds sprang up across the state—... Read more

Locavore's Delight

If you’ve been to Ciao Baci lately, chances are at least part of what you ate or drank was grown right on the premises in the small (but vibrant) on-site garden chef Jeff Owen and his team have cultivated for the past two... Read more