Here’s When Does Duck Season Start in Arkansas!

Arkansas ranks high among the states for waterfowl and duck hunting. 

Arkansas is an ideal location for seeing a broad variety of ducks and other big waterfowl, thanks to its hundreds of miles of picturesque wetlands and rice fields. 

Whether you’re an experienced sportsperson or just starting, Arkansas should be on your hunting itinerary because of its thriving game population.

Where can I duck hunt in Arkansas?

National Wildlife Refuge at Baldy Knob

Flooded plains and wetlands packed with migrating ducks may be found just to the north of Stuttgart. 

The Bald Knob Wildlife Refuge is a productive agricultural area besides being a fantastic hunting spot. You don’t want to go hunting and end up in someone’s crop field. 

You may reach the refuge in White County by taking exit 367 off of route 367. 

It’s best to plan if you want to avoid having to go on foot or by boat because of the frequent flooding that occurs on the roads in this region.

Wildlife Management Zone Bois D’Arc

Mallards, wood ducks, scaups, redheads, pintails, Canadian geese, and more all make their homes in these bottomland hardwoods that span 185 acres. In Hampstead County, in southwest Arkansas lies the little town of Bois D’Arc. 

If you’re looking for the best place to go duck hunting, go no farther than this wildlife management area, which has not just natural habitats but also a reservoir built specifically for ducks made of manufactured green trees.

Refuge for Migratory Birds and Other Wildlife on the White River

Take a journey down White River, and you’ll find some of the greatest duck hunting in the area. 

Over 90 miles of flooded bottomland woods, home to waterfowl, surround rice fields in this refuge that hugs the floodplain in between the White rivers and Mississippi.  

The greatest number of Canadian geese and wintering mallards are found in this flooded area, along with dozens of other species of waterfowl. 

The reserve includes 40 boat ramps and the Fish and Wildlife Service provides a range of guided excursions and private hunts, so guests are urged to hire a vehicle or bring their own.


You may spend a day in the marshes around Stuttgart and see why it’s called the “Duck Capital of the World”. 

Stuttgart’s vast areas of flooded forest and marshes are an ideal spot for any waterfowl, whether they’re trying to settle down for the winter or simply passing through on their annual migration. 

Thousands of hunters go to the town of Stuttgart, which is situated 50 miles southeast of Little Rock. 

More than a million dollars a day are pumped into the local economy thanks to duck hunting in this region.

A Wilderness Administration Zone on the Bayou De View

The Bayou DeView Wildlife Management Area is a popular destination for hunters searching for a prime location close to Stuttgart. 

With its 33,700 acres of marsh and flooded woodland, Bayou DeView is the biggest waterfowl management area controlled by the state. 

It is widely regarded as the finest public waterfowl shooting area in the country.

What are the duck season dates for Arkansas?

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission voted unanimously to accept the state’s duck season dates for 2022 and 2023, as well as suggested adjustments to the season structure for the 2023 and 2024 seasons.

The time for duck season (including mergansers and coots) occurs in the following date range: November 19-27; December 10-23; December 26-31. 

What part of Arkansas has the best duck hunting?

This state contains 100 wildlife areas. Arkansas public lands concentrate on waterfowl, not deer, unlike Iowa.

Best duck hunting occurs east of the White rivers and Mississippi. Dale Bumpers White River NWR, where the White flows into the Mississippi, offers excellent public hunting. 

Fowlers require a permit to hunt in its 90 miles of flooded woods and rice fields.

Bayou Meto WMA is another option. It’s one of the country’s biggest public flooded forests, covering 33,000 acres.

Also, see Earl Buss Bayou DeView WMA. It’s a flooded forest near Claypool Reservoir.

Bald Knob NWR has 15,000 acres of farmland for hunters.

There’s fantastic duck hunting across the state. Arkansas’ worst duck hunting is better than other states’ greatest. 

Other excellent WMAs in the state: Big Lake, Sulphur River, Rex Hancock Black Swamp, Petit Jean, Bois D’Arc, Dave Donaldson Black River, Shirey Bay Rainey Brake, Beryl Anthony Lower Ouachita, Henry Gray Hurricane Lake, St. Francis Sunken Lands.

What are the hunting seasons in Arkansas?

Arkansas receives less rain in October, so Game and Fish Commission property managers have less problem maintaining Greentree reservoir water levels at the start of the waterfowl hunting season. 

Upstream releases and increasing precipitation cause an issue in the spring when it’s time to transfer water off the forest so trees can start a new growth cycle, Homan said.

Changing forest composition on Greentree reservoirs might affect waterfowl, songbirds, and creatures that eat oak trees.

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