Here’s When Does Modern Gun Season Start in Arkansas!

Arkansas’s modern firearms deer hunting season opens at year-end. 

The Commission of Arkansas Game and Fish wants to stress the importance of responsible hunting to the state’s ecosystems as hunters prepare to set up their deer stands.

All hunters in the state must always have a current hunting license and must check their kills within 12 hours.

How long is the modern gun season in Arkansas?

The first episode of Modern Gun’s first season has been released. 

Hunters may take 5 deer, with only 2 of them being bucks. When hunting in zone 13, you may bring your dog along. 

The season ends on December 19th, giving you around 36 days to complete those tags with a current pistol. 

To accommodate any new gifts that Santa may deliver, the season will reopen on December 26th through 28th.

We may state that the modern gun season is four to five months long and that it is subdivided into the muzzleloader season, the modern gun season, the youth-only gun season, and the youth-free dates.

Can you use a muzzleloader during the modern gun season in Arkansas?

Muzzleloading rifles used for deer hunting must have a barrel height of at least 18 inches and a caliber of 0.40 or higher. 

You may use magnifying sights. 

To use a shot is against the law. Any bullet used in a legal muzzleloader must be loaded via the muzzle, and the firearm itself must not be able to fire cartridges.

Muzzleloading handguns with 9-inch barrels or longer are legal for hunting, as are those of 0.45 caliber or bigger if they fire conical bullets (200 grams or heavier) and 0.530 caliber or greater if they fire round balls.

  • As a secondary weapon, a hunter may bring along a muzzleloading pistol of any caliber besides his rifle.
  • During the contemporary gun season in Arkansas, yes, muzzleloaders may be used.
  • During contemporary gun seasons, all firearms, including muzzleloaders and bows, are legal to use.

Can I hunt on my land without a license in Arkansas?

It depends on your town or state’s location and legislation. 

It’s not suggested to hunt on your property in Arkansas since public hunting grounds are restricted and there are rules and restrictions to protect both hunter and animal.

85% of Arkansas’s property is privately owned, therefore most hunters need permission.

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission issues hunting licenses. 

The commission regulates hunting and issues licenses. Game and Fish offices issue licenses.

Hunters need to take part in a program offering education on hunting and safety equipment.

What can you hunt right now in Arkansas?

1. Furbearers

Many furbearers, including beaver, muskrat, and coyote, may be hunted beginning in the fall and continuing far into the winter and spring. 

2. Small Games

The game for hunters in the fall includes rabbits, squirrels, and quail, all of which have rather nebulous hunting seasons.

3. Alligator

Alligator hunting is permitted in Arkansas’s Zones 1 and 3 for two separate four-day periods in September. 

Alligators over 4 feet are protected by law, and hunters are only allowed to capture one per permit.

4. Crow

Crow season in Arkansas is open across the state from September through February, and there is no bag restriction on these birds.

5. Migratory Birds

The months of September and November are ideal for hunting migrating birds including the common snipe, woodcock, rails, and gallinules, with daily bag limits ranging from three to twenty-five for each species.

6. Bear 

From the last weekend in September through the last weekend in November is archery season, modern firearms may be used from the last weekend in November until the first weekend in December, and muzzleloaders are allowed for a limited period in October. 

Each hunter is limited to taking one bear each year.

7. Waterfowl

The months of September and November are prime times for hunting waterfowl like a duck and Canada geese. 

Each species has its season and bag restrictions.

8. Deer

Another large game animal that experiences seasonal changes is the deer. 

From the last weekend, in September to the first weekend in February is archery season; from the middle of November to the end of December is muzzleloader season, and from the middle of November to the end of November is modern gun season. 

There are six deer that may be taken in a season, with only two of them being mature bucks.

9. Elk

Elk may be hunted for a brief period between October and November. 

Hunters need to pre-apply for a permit and check in often to make sure daily quotas aren’t being exceeded.

10. Dove

Most September and October make them available for hunting, and each day a hunter may take 15.

11. Frog

The season runs from around the middle of April through the end of the year, and daily bag limits of 18 bullfrogs are in effect during that time.

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