Where to Buy Bamboo in Arkansas: A Guide

If you’re looking to add some bamboo to your garden or landscape in Arkansas, you’re in luck. There are several nurseries and garden centers throughout the state that offer a variety of bamboo plants for sale. Whether you’re looking for clumping or running bamboo, or a specific species like black bamboo or golden bamboo, you’re … Read more

Strawberry Varieties Best Suited to Arkansas!

Strawberry varieties best suited to Arkansas

Looking to try your hand at gardening, or trying to grow a fruit variety in Arkansas? Or perhaps you’re a big fan of strawberries with a green thumb? Then there is a round-up of the best varieties of strawberries you can cultivate in Arkansas. Strawberries are an American staple.  The sweet red fruit is enjoyed … Read more

Guide to Planting the Best Flowers in Arkansas

Guide to Planting the Best Flowers in Arkansas

Your Arkansas environment is ideal for growing and maintaining a garden full of Arkansas native plants and flowers.  The flowers or plants that are native to the area are your best bet for survival and continued growth. They are native to the region and would look nice on the natural landscaping and all other places. … Read more

Guide to Growing The Best Table Grapes in Arkansas

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Table Grapes in Arkansas

Grapes have always been a hot favorite snack and fruit amongst people.  There is no doubt why it should not be. Grapes are naturally sweet; some are sour, juicy, and slightly crunchy, just perfect for fulfilling the sweet and crunchy craving without adding many extra unhealthy calories. Grapes are a great fruit to have as … Read more