6 Abandoned Places In Arkansas That Might Give You The Creeps

Abandoned places are always followed by creepy, dark, and macabre vibes.

You may be a brave person and are not easily creeped out.

But let’s expand our imaginations to explore the darker side of these abandoned places in Arkansas involving characters like serial killers and ghostly apparitions.

Arkansas is a landlocked state in the South Central United States. It is a low-cost place with temperate weather.

 Along with its fairytale environment, some dark secrets remain buried in the state’s roots.

So let’s dig into Arkansas’s six popular places that are abandoned.

Booger Hollow:

Booger Hollow, an abandoned tourist attraction north of Dover, Arkansas, is a must-see for anybody visiting the area.

Originally, the location housed a post office, a café, and a trade station.

A two-story outhouse was erected to entice visitors to the site.

Even though the outhouse was not in use, it was a wonderful picture opportunity.

The population is listed on a sign outside the town as seven people and one coon dog.

Its trading post also served as the town’s post office and bait store, making it an ideal location for travelers to stock up on souvenirs.

The genuine town of Booger Hollow, Arkansas, is only a few miles from the tourist attraction. It is also on a hilltop rather than in a valley or gorge.

Booger Hollow has been shut down and abandoned.

Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanatorium:

In 1909, the Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanatorium in Booneville, AR, was built.

Over 70,000 patients were treated at the institution by the time it closed in 1973, and its major hospital, the Nyberg Building, became recognized across the globe for its TB care.

This place was enormous. There was a chapel, a laundry room and water treatment plant; a fire station; staff entertainment facilities; and a school for young patients.

Now here is the twist, this place isn’t completely abandoned!

Parts of this facility haven’t been used since it closed, but they aren’t abandoned.

Booneville Human Development uses the first level of the main building.

The basement and the remaining four floors are bare.

Ozark Medieval Fortress:

Dinosaur World, an abandoned site in Arkansas, is definitely one of a kind.

A 40-foot-tall statue of King Kong and a group of cave dwellers left in the woods aren’t found anywhere else.

Quite frightful, this dinosaur statue is that’s been abandoned!

Many people remember this amusement park fondly as a child.

Is it possible to visit the place now?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no.

The park is now privately owned and closed to the public.

Rush Creek, Mining Town:

Rush Creek was the site of a zinc mineral discovery in the 1880s. People flocked to the town as soon as the treasure was discovered.

Everyone wanted a piece of the action in the neighborhood. The Rush Valley and the nearby Clabber Creek were interesting.

A bustling village was developed in a matter of days, thanks to the rapid construction of homes and businesses. However, the community was finally abandoned.

Salvaged machinery was used to destroy several of the mills during WWII.

After that, it was all downhill. The post office remained open until the 1950s, which is incredible.

It’s an abandoned mining town in Rush, Arkansas.

The last inhabitants are supposed to have fled the town in the 1960s.

Rush, Arkansas, is now a deserted wasteland.

East Calico Rock:

A ghost village in the middle of a town!

For the first time in American history, a ghost town is inside another city’s borders.

The prison at East Calico Rock was later abandoned. Wondering why? No one knows for sure.

However, over 20 buildings and other structures from the town’s historic core are on display throughout the tour.

However, only two of the buildings can be seen from the street.

Makes it creepy inside out.

Dinosaur World:

A Medieval stronghold is a lone castle in Arkansas.

Construction of an exact duplicate of a 13th-century French castle started in 2009 at the Ozark Medieval Fortress.

The completion of the project was expected to take 20 years.

It was just a matter of time until the project was shut down.

Final Words:

Arkansas is a comparably small state with a wonderful atmosphere, low living expenses, low taxes, and artistic houses.

It is loaded with many charms and outdoor activities, perfect for its residents and tourists.

However, many places are abandoned for known and unknown reasons that intrigue adventurous individuals.

Our comprehensive list covers all you need to know about abandoned places in Arkansas.

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