Here’s How Much Speeding Tickets Cost in Arkansas!

Getting a speeding ticket is no accomplishment and surely, getting out of it is just as hard. 

A speeding ticket is a ticket received from the police for driving too fast. 

Usually, you face a fine, and this ticket is put on your record.

You obviously have to avoid getting this ticket to have a clean record but also to prevent accidents from occurring on the road. 

Speeding tickets are one form of tickets you can get on the road but, there are a few more you should steer clear of, whilst driving.

What type of tickets can you get on the road in Arkansas?

First up is the drinking and driving ticket. 

There is no simple way to get out of this ticket but to just not drink and drive.

It is not only unsafe for you but for all the other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. 

If you plan on drinking, then always have a friend with you who can drive for you. 

Or an alternative could also be, sobering up in your car and then possibly driving to your destination when your senses have cleared.

Next up, is the cell phone usage ticket. This ticket does not exist in many states but it is there in Arkansas.

Using your phone as you drive can not only distract you from the road and cause accidents but, it also comes with a ticket or fine; so be careful!

Third, if you drive without a license or with an expired registration it can get you a ticket. 

It is a given in almost every country around the globe to drive with a license or valid registration papers. 

If your registration has expired, it is recommended that you renew it as soon as possible.

Last, if you break a rule on the road you may have to face a ticket. 

A rule as simple as not letting a pedestrian cross or not wearing a seatbelt can lead you to a ticket.

The variations of a speeding ticket in Arkansas

The first violation starts from driving 15 MPH under the speed limit. For this violation, you have to pay up to $100. 

However, if your speed increases by 15 MPH than the speeding limit, you may have to pay $500 or more. 

There is also a ticket if you are caught driving fast in a construction zone. 

Keep in mind that the amount for your ticket can increase if you get a ticket more than once a year in Arkansas.

Can you get out of a speeding ticket in Arkansas?

The first thing you can do is plead not guilty in court to get out of getting the ticket.

Definitely, getting points on your record is dreadful. 

If you exceed the speeding limit by 1-10 MPH, then you get 3 points.

If you surpass the limit by 11-20 MPH you get 4 points on your record.

If you pass by 21-30 MPH, then the limit you receive is 5 points, and if it’s over 30 MPH, you get up to 8 points or more depending on the speed.

Seeing these points on your record may not be the best so you can plead not guilty. 

Contact the court and tell them your situation at which they will give you a trial date.

In some circumstances, you can also tick the not guilty box on the back of your ticket.

The second option for getting out of your ticket is filing a request for mitigation. 

This can lessen your fine, allow you to pay in installments, or give you community service instead if you can’t afford the fine. 

Before going to court always remember to look as presentable as possible and prepare your case beforehand in order to win the case.

How long can it take for a speeding ticket to get off your record in Arkansas?

Getting a speeding ticket is disappointing for sure. 

Once it’s done, it’s done, and you have to accept it. 

The next thing you can do is to look forward to when the speeding ticket can get off your record.

In Arkansas, the speeding ticket stays on your record for 3 years.  

In some states, it may take up to 10 years or just 1 year.

What is reckless driving in Arkansas?

Reckless driving in Arkansas includes driving 20 MPH over the speed limit or driving while distracted or under influence. 

Adding on to the list is racing or excessively speeding regardless of what the reason may be. 

Breaking a signal or not using your turn signals when required is also included in the list. 

Not only this, but driving harshly without keeping the weather in mind is also considered reckless driving.

Rightfully so, reckless driving has consequences. 

These consequences include some time in jail or a fine of $25 to $500 depending on your offense. 

Such consequences don’t look the best on your record so it is best to avoid them!

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