Your Guide to Planting The Best Roses in Arkansas

When you think of flowers, roses are probably the first type of flowers to come to your mind.

Roses are the most basic yet beautiful flowers that everyone is aware of. 

You can ask a child to name a couple of flowers and roses will most likely be part of the list.

To grow a rose in Arkansas, just ensure they’re getting enough sunlight and water. 

Don’t forget pesticides and insecticides though!

Facts about roses that make them the best flowers

The first and oldest rose currently is 1000 years old in Germany. 

An interesting, well-known fact about roses is that there are many fragrances and perfumes named after roses; some even have a rose scent to them. 

All flowers smell amazing, but roses just have a unique smell that everyone appreciates. 

Roses are so special especially because they come in ten different colors, so even if you dislike red roses, you can always buy yellow or pink ones!

The most expensive rose that has been sold was for 15.8 million dollars.

Roses can also be eaten-not that they are the best thing to eat, but they are edible. 

However, some Chinese and Indian dishes have added rose water or rose petals on top.

And last, roses are also the national flower of the United States. 

More of a reason your garden should bloom with beautiful roses!

For those who have difficulty planting; here is the easiest type of rose to grow

First up are flower carpet roses. These roses bloom from spring to early fall. 

These hot pink roses require less water as they drain the water from the grounds. 

You can say flower carpet roses are low maintenance since they require less work and are very resistant to most diseases.

They also require less sun-only for 2 to 3 hours, every 24 hours. 

The second are Ballerina roses; they will remind you of an apple.

The white-centered, baby pink roses require to be in the sun, have to be well drained and damp, and need moist, clay-like soil. 

Ballerina roses survive through summer to fall.

Next up are the gorgeous pink, Knock-out roses. 

These roses fully embrace the spring or fall sunshine and prefer to be under the sun for 6 to 8 hours.

If you plant knock-out roses with a bit of space, their growth is much healthier. 

Just make sure they get enough sunlight and water.

The simplest, hardiest roses to grow in your garden

The list begins with Bukavu roses.

The Bukavu roses can basically stand any sort of weather at all: from sweltering summers to freezing winters. 

They are also pest and insect-resistant, so you do not have to invest much time and money in their care. 

Bukavu roses are not just easy to take care of, but they are also beautiful. 

They are white from the center and turn into a stunning pink on the edge. 

Second, are the Cinderella roses. These roses are the perfect amount of baby pink to gift to anyone!

These roses require a sunny environment from mid-spring to almost the end of fall. 

But make sure you water them enough and that the soil is a clay-like texture.

Next up are the Lavender Veranda roses. 

These beautifully lilac roses require full early spring sunshine with a ton of drainage. 

The best part about Lavender Veranda roses is that the lilac fades away to a very dusty lavender on the edges of the petals.

You won’t find roses as pretty as these!

The easiest rose bush to grow

The snowdrift roses are by far the easiest and most convenient roses to grow, especially if you are a beginner.

They are not your traditional red to pink roses but they are a stunning white color that will stand out in your garden.

There are no particular rules how much sun they require as they prefer the full sun. 

The soil should be normal to moist, nothing special to it, but well drained.

If you really want to put minimal effort into your plants but still want your garden to look heavenly, snowdrift roses are your best option.

Top 2 best roses to plant that bloom all year round

The one that’s on top of the list is the miniature rose bushes that come in 4 different colors; red, white, pink, and yellow. 

They do not require too much, just moist, drained soil, with plenty of sunlight.

Second, are the Coral Drift roses. 

They are not your average pink to red roses but a breathtaking coral color that will pop in your garden.

They also require plenty of sun and a chalky type of soil.

Coral drift roses can survive winters and are disease resistant.

They are very short plants so you can plant them in direct soil. They grow exactly 1 to 2 cm long. 

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