7 Places to Camp Comfy in Arkansas Yurts!

When you think of camping in Arkansas, the first thing that comes to your mind is small, camped-up spaces and insects all over the place!

Camping can be extremely uncomfortable, especially if you like being in your comfort zone and your own cozy space.

But worry not! Yurts are spacious camping tents with plenty of space to walk around, making camping cozy.

They come with a spacious bed and a kitchen, occasionally, and are very popular in Arkansas.

Yurts make camping 100 times easier because of their space and comfort.

They are known as tents but are way better. So when you feel like going camping and need a place to stay, Yurts are your way to go.

The word Yurt stands for a year-round recreational tent.

This word is taken from the Russian word Yurta and is also derived from the Turkish word Jurt, which defines it as a place where people roam or identify this place as their territory-a place you could call home.

There are many places in Arkansas where Yurts are made. Here’s a list of a few.

Stonewind Retreat

To have an adventure is to have a retreat; a getaway or an adventure, far away from the real world with your loved ones!

The perfect place for this is the Stonewind Retreat in Daintree Rainforest.

In this resort, you get one bedroom and one bathroom as well.

Not only this but, you also get a flat TV screen to watch amazing movies on!

This comes in handy if you are there only to calm your nerves and spend time with your friends.

A fully equipped kitchen, dining area, patio area, a pool, and a garden-get ready to take some aesthetically pleasing pictures during your vacation!

If you are more of a beach person than a forest person, keep in mind that there is Thornton beach only 2.9 km away!

The address for Stonewind Retreat is 15840 Wilson Branch Dr. Chester, AR, 72934, United States.

Eureka Yurts and Cabins

If you are a family of two and are looking for a refreshing and rejuvenating retreat the Eureka Yurts and Cabins are just for you!

Nearby is Eureka Springs. Do make a visit there especially if you are with children.

The Beaver Lake and White River are also close by.

There are two yurts available at the Eureka Yurts and Cabins that are at Eureka Springs.

First is the White Oak Yurt; it illuminates light and gives you a bright view of the outside with its large windows.

It comes with a hot bathtub which you can relax in whilst listening to the sound of nature.

And the kitchen is fully equipped to make a lovely cup of coffee in the morning. The prices start from 340 dollars for two nights.

Second, is the Pineview Yurt which comes with a relaxing recliner you can lounge on while looking at the gorgeous skyline through the yurt.

The bathroom is luxurious with a walk-in shower.

Along with this, and the huge, fully equipped kitchen, you get a smart TV, Wi-Fi, A/C, and a heater, so you can come in any season here and you’ll be ready!

The costs start from 190 dollars a night.

The address of Eureka Yurts and Cabin is 191 Bear Ridge Road, Eureka Springs, AR 72631, United States.

Catherines Landing

An adventure will always await you at Catherines Landings!

There is a gym there too if you just want to work out in utter silence and serenity.

You can even go to Lake Catherine to detox and relax with your book or on a refreshing hike to Big Foot Trail.

Other facilities like a swimming pool, TV, Wi-Fi, a kitchen, a dining area, a patio, and many more are available here just to make it the ideal vacation spot for you!

Last but not the least, fishing and cycling can also be done at Catherines Landing.

The address of Catherines Landings 1700 Shady Road, Hot Springs, AR 71901, United States.

And for Lake Catherine, the address is 1200 Catherine Park Road, Hot Springs, AR 71913, United States.

Petit Jean State Park

For an ideal picnic, you must stay at the yurt at Petit Jean State Parl.

They have a gorgeous view of the sunset which you can watch whilst having a picnic or a barbecue as they provide grills outside.

The porch swing at the back is perfect to sit back and relax on.

There is a bunk bed too, so it is great if you have children.

Since Lake Bailey is nearby, you can always go for a quick trip there to watch the sunset.

The address for Petit Jean State Park is 1285 Petit Jean Mountain Road, Morrilton, AR 72110, United States.

DeGray Lake State Park

The beautiful DeGray Lake is a beautiful forest where plenty of birds and wildlife is found.

For camping there are three cozy yurts too.

In a yurt there are plenty of bunk beds enough for six people to sleep in. So you and all your friends are safe there since it has screened windows and doors.

And with a couple of mattresses you can have over six people to sleep in one yurt.

You have plenty of things to keep yourself entertained and have fun with your loved ones such as, a hot tub, swimming pool, and a fitness centre-all at the lodge.

The address for DeGray Lake State Park is 2027 State Park Entrance Road, Bismarck, AR 71929, United States.

Daisy State Park

Since a yurt is a type of tent, you can still do camping in the yurts at Daisy State park.

The yurts have a grill, fire pit, and picnic benches to make amazing s’mores or heat your hot chocolate.

There are boat ramps and a lot of fishing sites available that you can freshly cook with your friends and family.

The address for Daisy State Park is 103 East Park, Kirby, AR 71950, United States.

Lost Valley Canoe Lodgings

The beautiful yurt at Lost Valley Canoe is at a higher step, and basically built around a tree so the trunk is there inside of your yurt! Fascinating right?

The yurt is like a bunkhouse, and around four people can stay here and have a refreshing experience.

The Lost Valley Canoe provides hot tubs on the deck.

In case you feel like cooking or want to paint with your friends in your yurt, you will also find a grocery store and art supply store nearby.

The address for Lost Valley Canoe Lodging is HWY 43 #10, Ponca, AR 72670, United States.

The ideal guide to go camping in a yurt

First, it’s important you don’t forget your toiletries.

Second, get really comfortable bedding and sheets so you feel you’re at home!

Third, warm clothes and slippers are a must since it gets chilly at night; and don’t forget your bug spray, just in case.

For your bonfires, bring trash bags, napkins, fold up chairs, matches, and a tablecloth, so your bonfire can go as smoothly as possible.

Last, don’t forget your camera to capture every laughter, sunrise, sunset, or fishing trip.

A book is also a must so that you can just sit back and relax and read up in peace before you sleep.

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