4 Best Pizza Joints In Hot Springs, Arkansas

4 Best Pizza Joints In Hot Springs, Arkansas

Pizzas are native to Italy, but you will not find a country that does not love and serve pizzas throughout. In America, pizza is as common and innate to Americans as is apple pie and hamburgers. You can find a pizza kiosk or shop on every other street. Arkansas is not the first place to … Read more

Trio’s Strawberry Shortcake

Trio’s Restaurant, Little Rock | Yields 4-6 Shortcakes Shortcake Ingredients:4 cups flour1 1/2 pounds cold unsalted butter1/2 cup ice water Directions:Preheat oven to 300° F. Place flour in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment. Cut the cold butter into pieces and add in several at a time, alternating with the cold … Read more

Organic Food & Farming

Shawn Peebles of Peebles Organic Farms in Augusta has been farming his entire life, but it wasn’t until about 10 years ago that he made the switch from conventional to organic farming. When asked what motivated him to make the change, he laughed, admitting, “I was broke!” After graduating high school, Peebles joined his father’s … Read more