Does it Snow in Arkansas? (Plus Winter Camping)

Few people like snow. For some people, it may not be as appealing or easy to adapt to.

But for others, snow can be seen as something magical that can put together everything in their lives like a fantasy!

Snowy weather radiates positive energy and is the perfect weather to stay home and watch a variety of winter movies.

But for others, snow can be a bit of a headache as it stops many people’s work and makes commuting many times harder.

Average temperature ranges in Arkansas

The temperature in Arkansas does not go to such extremes as the average temperature, which ranges from 30.8 degrees Fahrenheit to 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

Which area of Arkansas gets snow?

Not all of Arkansas gets snow, it is mainly the center and northern region of Arkansas.

Whereas, the southern part of Arkansas remains as hot and humid as ever!

The most snowfall in Arkansas

Since the temperature drops drastically, it snows in Arkansas to 4 inches annually. However, the most snow Arkansas has had was in 1960, at about 32.6 inches.

However, recently in February 2021, there were around 15 inches of snowfall.

The snowfall in Arkansas usually varies and surprises you year by year.

How long does the snowy period last in Arkansas?

On average, the snowy period is from December to February, and the snowiest month is January. So stay safe in January!

Winter camping in Arkansas

Arkansas is breathtaking but unpredictable, so, each time it snows, pack your bags and go hiking so you do not miss the opportunity!

There is something about sitting in a circle with your loved ones around a bonfire in the dark, singing your heart out loud that makes it irresistible!

There are a few free camping sites in Arkansas.

These spots are in the Ouachita National Forest. Spots such as Rabbit Tail Primitive Camping, Cedar Fourche, and Buckville Primitive Camping are free-of-cost sites to camp.

Fun things to do when it is snowing in Arkansas

Without a question, go winter camping and have an adventure!

But if you are afraid of camping and like a cozy environment when it is snowing, the first thing you should do is make a snowman.

With the unpredictable weather you do not get many opportunities to make a snowman, so take the first one you get.

Second, you can have a snow fight with your friends and family. It is like having a pillow fight but seasonal and better!

You can not possibly have a better time in the snow than when having a snow fight. But, do not forget your gloves because otherwise, you will freeze!

Third, a snowy season is an ideal season to make real hot chocolate.

Mix your magic potion of cocoa powder and whole milk with sugar and sip away. It truly is the best way to keep yourself warm, apart from layering on clothes.

If you want to be outdoors to enjoy the snow go skiing! It is the ideal winter activity, and it’s always fun to do with friends and family.

Next, try making bubbles in the snow and watch them freeze! It’s always exciting to watch that happen, and it is surely the best entertainment for your children in the snow!

To sum it up, select a perfect winter movie, sip your hot chocolate away, snuggle into your comforter, and embrace the weather!

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