Here’s How Many Times You Can Get Married in Arkansas!

In Arkansas, there is no restriction on the number of marriages a person may have. 

However, to marry again, the person must be separated from their prior husband or wife.

Couples in Arkansas are required by law to get a marriage license before holding a wedding ceremony.

Licenses are valid for 60 days and maybe gotten by paying the fee and presenting acceptable identification.

A birth record for those under the age of 21 and a valid driver’s license or state identity for those over the age of 21.

The state’s legal marriage age is 18. 

In several regions, however, males aged 17 and girls aged 16 or 17 can get married with the help of their parental authorization.

What is the limit of marriages in Arkansas?

It is illegal in the United States to be married to over one person at the same time. 

Violations of this legislation can cause both criminal and civil penalties. 

Arkansas, like every other state in the United States, has no restrictions on the number of marriages a person may have. 

However, to marry again, the individual should be divorced from their prior husband or wife.

For remarriage, you will be required to present your divorce decree or have details about the prior spouse’s death date, county, and state. 

You must submit a certified copy of the divorce settlement before the time of marriage.

A marriage license in Arkansas costs $60 statewide. 

A certified copy may cost an extra $5 in some areas.

Is there a limit to how many times you can get married in the US?

As for the citizens of Arkansas, citizens of the US can also apply for over one spouse as long as he or she is only married to one individual at the moment.

The law would not be limited to the number of times a citizen can get married to a foreigner, but the individual will be subjected to a thorough examination by USCIS. 

The agency will confirm that the marriage was entered in good faith and was not just for immigration motives.

No rule prevents a US citizen from legally marrying as many times as long as only one person is married at a time. 

There are no restrictions to same-sex weddings, as long as the prerequisites for the marriage to be acknowledged as legitimate in the United States are satisfied.

Any of US citizens who has been married to many foreigners will, however, raise a red signal to USCIS, which will closely monitor applications for probable fake marriages.

What are the marriage laws in Arkansas?

Being a resident of the state, each individual going for marriage must ensure that the marriage will be documented and acknowledged by the state.

Therefore, you must obey the laws of the state to be legally married.

If you want to be married in Arkansas, you must understand and observe all the Arkansas marriage laws listed here.

Marriage License:

This is the very first step toward formalizing your marriage. 

So, precisely, what is a marriage certificate? 

Brides define it as “a legal document received by a couple before marriage”.

Before obtaining your formal marriage certificate, you must sign and return the marriage license to your local county clerk’s office.

Getting a marriage license is like applying to get married in the same way that you would register for a school or a job. It does not, however, imply that you are married.

Regular Marriage: This is a traditional marriage between two persons of legal marrying age, or sometimes younger if parental approval is gotten.

A legal marriage abides by all marriage license laws.

Covenant Marriage: A covenant marriage has more laws than traditional marriage. They compel the pair to go through couples therapy before being married.

In the event of a probable divorce, the spouses must also seek therapy before divorcing. 

Covenant marriages occur to reduce divorce rates and lengthen marriages.

Waiting Period:

There is no waiting time in Arkansas.

Blood Tests:

While blood tests were historically required in most states, Arkansas does not require them as part of the marriage certificate application process.

Residency Requirements:

You do not have to be an Arkansas resident to receive a marriage certificate in Arkansas. 

The sole stipulation for obtaining an Arkansas marriage certificate is that you marry within the state.

An Arkansas marriage license is acceptable across the state, but it must be signed and returned to the same county clerk’s office where it was received.


Marriages in Arkansas do not require witnesses. 

While you may wish to share these pivotal events with friends and family, you are not required to have anybody there other than yourself, your spouse, and the officiant who will perform the wedding ceremony.

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