Here’s How & When to Plant Pumpkins in Arkansas!

Pumpkins are one of the easiest fruits to plant, and with Halloween just around the corner, it is a necessity to have the best pumpkins displayed.

Pumpkins have a billion health benefits too, so ensure to add pumpkin to your regular diet.

The vitamin C, fiber, and potassium in pumpkins can help you steer clear of several heart diseases because it steadies your blood pressure. 

Heart diseases are most common around the world now and you must do everything to avoid them.

Not only heart diseases but pumpkins prevent you from having diabetes as the blood sugar levels stay controlled. 

Third, as pumpkins contain Vitamin A, C, and E, they boost eye health greatly for both young individuals and adults. 

Obviously, whilst containing so many vitamins and minerals, pumpkins can boost your immunity and better your health. 

Adding on to the list of benefits is how the rich antioxidants in a pumpkin may prevent cancer such as stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, throat cancer, etc.

The vitamin C in pumpkin keeps your skin healthy and glowing. 

The vitamin E acts as a natural sunblock for you as it defends your skin from UV rays. 

Last, pumpkins can also replace many other carbs since it contains 50 calories, which is great for weight loss.

But how and when is the right time for you to grow a pumpkin?

Get the best pumpkins by growing them in this month!

When your soil is warm and all the coldness in your city has gone, that is the ideal time to sow your pumpkin seeds.

Ideally, late May to the start of June can be the perfect time to plant a pumpkin.

If you want your pumpkins to be ready just in time for Halloween, then it is recommended that you sow the seeds in July. 

You can get your seeds from your old pumpkins or from any local store too!

Keep in mind that if you take your seeds from any pumpkin, it is recommended that you clean out all the pulp and wait for the seeds to dry out.

When sowing the seeds make sure the soil is dry as pumpkins do not prefer soggy soils to grow. 

Since pumpkins are large, ensure that all your seeds are sown at quite some distance from each other.

You should water your pumpkin seeds early in the morning as well. 

Moving on to the exciting part-the harvesting! 

Pumpkins take a good 75 to 100 days to fully grow. 

All the leaves that are gathered around the pumpkin should be removed so that the pumpkin itself gets more color. 

After cutting the stem, leave the pumpkin outside to harden for 10-14 days. 

Then your pumpkin is ready to be carved and decorated on your doorstep just in time for Halloween!

Can pumpkins grow in Arkansas?

Yes, pumpkins can grow in Arkansas.

However, make sure that the frost has completely vanished. 

Pumpkins prefer dry and hot weather and can not grow in under 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

In case of any frost or cold weather, bring your pots inside or just cover your plants and hope they survive.

When do pumpkins bear fruit?

Usually, around 3 to 4 months or exactly 90 to 120 days after the seed has been sown you may see fruits. 

So, by September or October, you might see fruit. 

Around 1 to 12 fruits are produced depending on what the pumpkin’s color is, and how hard the shell is. 

The state which grows the most pumpkins!

Pumpkins are most popularly grown in Illinois because of the soil and the climate.

Most farmers in Illinois also sell the pumpkins to retailers such as Walmart and get a lot of profit.

Next up is California. Since pumpkins love sunshine, California is the ideal state to grow these orange fruits. 

California is so famous for its pumpkins that they have a festival called the Half-Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival. 

At this festival, many competitions take place such as who has the biggest pumpkin!

Five fun pumpkin facts!

The first fact is if you leave an uncarved and uncut pumpkin in a dark environment, it can survive for up to 3 months. 

Second, pumpkins are great for your hearing! Pumpkins are filled with potassium which can regulate and maintain your blood pressure as mentioned above.

Third, this low-calorie fruit is mainly made up of 90% water. 

It is packed with nutrition and also detoxifies your body. 

Fourth, the largest pumpkin found was 2000 pounds plus. 

The largest pumpkin in the world was 2624 pounds! This pumpkin was found in Hampshire, UK.

Last, pumpkins were first referred to as ‘pompions’ but until after Cinderella was made everyone started referring to it as a pumpkin!

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