Beekeeping in Arkansas

While bees are not the only pollinators around, they are an extremely important one, with some estimates indicating that over a third of all agricultural products grow due to the work done by the little yellow-and-black insects. For the average person, though, bees are simply a stinging critter to be avoided, squashed and feared. In … Read more

Organic Food & Farming

Shawn Peebles of Peebles Organic Farms in Augusta has been farming his entire life, but it wasn’t until about 10 years ago that he made the switch from conventional to organic farming. When asked what motivated him to make the change, he laughed, admitting, “I was broke!” After graduating high school, Peebles joined his father’s … Read more

Sunflower in Arkansas

It’s like sunshine caught in a bottle, and its nutty taste bursts in the mouth. It’s non GMO, drought tolerant and cold-pressed, chocked full of Vitamin E and healthy fats. Sunflower oil has been the oil of choice in Europe for centuries. James Wayne has grown sunflowers for the last three years on a few … Read more

When & What Herbs To Plant in Arkansas

Diane Brownlee and Jerry Smith recently acquired a 100-acre farm, and the future farm-steaders are eager to explore their cultivation options, including the approximately 150 herbs that can be found in Arkansas gardens. The Little Rock residents are ready to get started, so they turned to the expert herbalist and gardener Debbie Tripp of Royal … Read more

Farm To Table

Supporting local farmers and creating fresh, interesting and healthy dishes are what makes Chef Matthew Cooper’s menu at The Preacher’s Son in Bentonville stand out in a city of notable restaurants. One thing diners may not notice as they are engrossed in the heavenly atmosphere of the historic, renovated former church is that the menu … Read more

Growing Tomatoes in Arkansas

in the late 19th century, tomato production in the state of Arkansas expanded as canneries and tomato sheds sprang up across the state—and our neck of the woods, Bradley County, is perhaps the best-known tomato-producing region in the Natural State. The Bradley County “pink” tomato was first grown in 1923 after Texas boll weevils struck … Read more

All About Mushrooms in Arkansas

There are a lot of unexpected things awaiting the visitor at Wye Mountain Mushroom Farm, nestled in the shadow of Pinnacle Mountain. First of all, it’s not a farm in the stereotypical sense of the word, nor does the operation consist of dank and dark spaces. The tasty fungi here are lovingly coaxed forth in … Read more

Esau’s Corn

Chad Esau was just 13 years old when his family moved from south Louisiana to Dumas, Arkansas. His parents had been raising peaches, but after watching them freeze for five consecutive winters, decided it was time to make a new start. Dumas offered everything they were looking for. The farming community had good land they … Read more

Cattle Farming Guide

When the weather warms and folks start grilling, beef is king. And good beef comes from good cattle. And good cattle aren’t made—they’re raised.  Deciding to start a beef herd isn’t something most people pick as a hobby. Instead, it’s often part of a larger plan to farm as a career or major side-hustle. That’s … Read more