Are the Hot Springs in Arkansas Actually Hot?

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Are Edibles Legal in Arkansas? A Comprehensive Guide!

The question of whether edibles are legal in Arkansas has sparked interest as more people seek alternative ways to consume cannabis. In Arkansas, adult-use cannabis is illegal; however, patients with qualifying medical conditions may consume medical marijuana with their doctor’s approval. Although cannabis edibles are allowed for medical marijuana patients, there are restrictions in place … Read more

Are Creeks Public Property in Arkansas? Understanding Access Rights and Regulations

Arkansas is a state renowned for its beautiful creeks, attracting outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy a variety of activities such as fishing, boating, and canoeing. However, the question arises whether these creeks are considered public property or if access and usage are restricted. Navigable waters are typically considered state property, while the creek bottom may remain … Read more

Are Butterfly Knives Illegal in Arkansas? A Guide!

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Are There Badgers in Arkansas? Answered!

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Are Arkansas Tarantulas Poisonous? Debunking the Myth

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