Here’s What People From Arkansas Are Called

All About The People of Arkansas

At first, it was a part of the territory of Mississippi, Arkansas was accepted as a state in 1836.  A lot of significant importance is held in the world, and to its people in Arkansas.   However, there has been quite a debate on what the citizens of Arkansas should be called.  But, before that, there … Read more

Who are The Purple People in Arkansas?

Who are The Purple People in Arkansas?

The purple people in Arkansas are also known as the Nahziryah Monastic Community.  This community is dressed in purple clothing from head to toe which is why they are referred to as the “Purple Community.”  Whether it is their cars or homes; it is all only purple! This originated in 1968 and is present to … Read more

Here’s Why People Hate Living In Arkansas!

Why Do People Hate Living In Arkansas?

Of all the 50 states in the United States, Arkansas stands out for its natural beauty which is also why its nickname is “The Natural Beauty.”  Despite the weather extremes, the beautiful and breathtaking lakes and rivers in Arkansas make it several times better. Along with this, their mountains, forests, and many camping spots also … Read more

Here’s Slim Chicken’s Secret Sauce is Made Of

What is Slim Chicken’s Big Secret?

Slim Chicken’s is in 30 states, 113 cities, and over 130 locations in the United States.  Their 24 outlets are in Arkansas, United States only. Because of their popularity, they are great comfort food for all.  If you come across any Slim Chicken outlet, consider it mandatory to try out their tenders and wings! Their … Read more

Hot Springs, Arkansas- 16 Things To Do!

Hot Springs, Arkansas-The Ultimate Retreat for Nature and Adventure Lovers

Hot Springs in Arkansas has always been a touristy spot, even before the surrounding area was declared National Park. The vintage and historic feel, along with the beauty of nature, mesmerizing views, and healing and rejuvenating hot springs, are some of the major attractions of Hot Springs.  It is the perfect vacation getaway for friends, … Read more

Guide to Enjoying Lake Catherine State Park, Hot Springs

The Perfect Guide to Enjoy Lake Catherine State Park, Hot Springs

Hot Springs is home to many magnificent lakes, hot springs, verdant woods, majestic mountains, and breathtaking waterfalls.  There are plenty of sites to enjoy and observe nature while simultaneously unwinding and relaxing yourself.  A number of state parks have been developed by the government to preserve the beauty of nature and protect the flora and … Read more

8 Amazing Rental Cabins in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Find the Best Lodgings in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Are you looking for a countryside retreat where you can immerse in nature and rejuvenate yourself? Hot springs in Arkansas are the best town you can head to enjoy the most mesmerizing views and raw nature. Hot Springs is at the foot of the Ouachita Mountains and is blessed with several natural hot springs that … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Airports in Arkansas

The Ultimate Guide to the 2 Major Airports in Arkansas

Arkansas is a beautiful state that has been bestowed with many physical features that add up to the beauty and charm of the place.  A state blessed with nature’s beauty is often a hotspot for travelers and nature enthusiasts who love to marvel at nature, relax and unwind in the serene environment.  Arkansas is a … Read more

9 Of The Best Treehouses in Arkansas

The Most Scenic Treehouses in Arkansas

Looking for a unique experience to experience Arkansas’s nature up close while still ensuring the comfort of a home? Well, the answer to that is a charming treehouse! Home to dense woodland, gushing rivers scenic trails, and gorgeous lakes, Arkansas is named The Natural State for a reason! From Ouachita National Forest to the Ozark … Read more

E. Fay Jones: Preserving Arkansas’s Nature in Architectural Design

E. Fay Jones: Preserving Arkansas’s Nature in Architectural Design

Without a question, E. Fay Jones is one of Arkansas’s most talented and awarded architects. Known for his simplicity and organic style, Jones created architectural designs inspired by the beauty of the Arkansas landscape which received awards such as the American Institute of Architects Gold Medal. Boyhood and Early Influences On January 31, 1921, the … Read more