The Feeling of Home: The Alabama, Arkansas Song

When you are homesick, you go across so many songs just to feel you’re back in your safe space.

One of those songs includes “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

This song was made in 2009 but when you hear it, it’s like you’re in the 1990s.

This song just made homesick more energetic! But the slowed version of it that is going viral on social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram is not so energetic.

It’s actually a gloomy yet beautiful song that makes you feel warm.

Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is the ideal song to put on a loudspeaker and sing your heart and lungs out to, when you feel homesick and desperately feel the need to come home.

But beware, when you hear this song, you will not stop playing it on repeat!

The hidden context to Home

If you go deep into the meanings of the song, you see that it also displays the feeling of being lost and alone; but that feeling is no more because you’ve found your place of comfort, your light at the end of a dark tunnel.

  “Home is wherever I’m with you.”

These six words describe how it feels to have found your mental peace, and wherever you find your peace, that is what you call home.

The main context of Home

Again, this song also displays the love one has for another through the lyrics below:

“I do love my Ma and Pa.

Not the way I love you.”

If you admit to loving someone more than your parents, there is undoubtedly a ton of love between the two people.

This song is an ideal, romantic song to dedicate to your significant other or anyone that means a lot to you.

“Man oh man, you’re my best friend.”

There are a couple of lyrics that mention memories made that are very

dear to you during the time you were with your loved one.

“Laugh until we think we’ll die.

Barefoot on a summer night.”

What does it mainly portray?

As mentioned, Home describes the singer as being extremely homesick and away from the ones they love.

The start of the song goes:

Alabama, Arkansas.

I do love my Ma and Pa.”

Because of the mention of Alabama people assume that this song is the Alabama, Arkansas song but it could simply be that the writers used these lyrics because they rhyme with Ma and Pa!

But there is still a chance that the writers could have an attachment with Alabama, Arkansas.

About the writers

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is a band formed in 2007 in Los Angeles, United States and they produce rock American music that they are very passionate about.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros comprise nine members which include: Alex Ebert, Crash Richard, Nicole Aglietti, Josh Collazo, Mark Noseworthy, Stewart Cole, Orpheo McCord, Christian Letts, and Seth Ford-Young.

The song was sung melodiously by Alex Ebert and Jade Castrinos in a conversational style while whistling now and then.

The two were dating but during a tour in 2014 Jade was asked to take an “off” by the other band mates.

At this, she left the band permanently and the couple broke up.

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