Guide To Tv Shows & Movies Filmed in Arkansas!

We know Arkansas is mainly famous for its lush green parks, beautiful streaming rivers, relaxing getaways, and breathtaking scenery that there is.

However, there is very little that one knows about the shoots that take place there.

Are there any TV Shows shot in Arkansas?

Arkansas can be a brilliant spot to film your TV shows and films.

First is the Evening Shade which was released in September 1990 and lasted 4 years. This American sitcom was about an ex-footballer who was extremely popular; the main characters in the show were Burt Reynolds and Marilu Henner. 

Next comes The Stand. This show was released in 1994 and starred Stephen King. 

It was released in brief episodes and is also referred to as a “miniseries.” The reviews for this show are also great.

Up next is The Simple Life; also shot in Arkansas in 2007. 

This sitcom starred Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. 

These two actresses are struggling with their way to life in The Simple Life

This show had 55 episodes but, because of the disagreement and falling out between the two actresses, the show was canceled.

Fourth, the American show, Last Shot with Judge Gunn was released in 2011. 

This show was about the realities of court. 

The major lead of this show was Mary Ann Gunn and Lisa Dennis. 

Cheer Perfection was shot in Sherwood, Arkansas in 2012. 

It was about competitive cheerleaders; because of certain circumstances, the show was canceled in 2013 and was never to be aired again. 

Little Britches Rodeo’s spin-off; Little Britches on the Road is also part of the list. 

Shot in 2013, this documentary has 17 episodes and was narrated by Donna Hodge. 

A crime drama has also been shot in Arkansas! 

True Detective adds to the list. 

This award-winning show aired in 2014 and revolved around crime and drama. 

The ratings for this show are extremely high. 

Season 3 of the True Detective was also filmed in Arkansas in 2017. 

This season shows three separate periods, and that just makes it many times more interesting than the previous seasons!

Moving on to the next decade, in 2020 The Stand was shot. 

The effects of the pandemic were displayed in this show. 

This show displays the story of good vs evil. 

The cast includes James Marsden, Whoopi Goldberg, Amber Herd, and many more. 

On the 1st of January 2020, Messiah was released on Netflix. 

This TV show illustrates the reaction the modern world has towards a man. 

This man is the reason behind many miracles and an officer is onto his so-called magic.

Lastly, the Harper House that premiered in September 2021 was also filmed in Arkansas. 

It was written by Brad Neeley. 

Sadly, after a week it was announced that this show is canceled after only one season. 

Are there any movies based in Arkansas?

Contributing to the long list of TV shows shot in Arkansas, there are exactly 43 movies based in Arkansas. 

Here are a few.

The first is Sling Blade. Shot in 1996, featuring Billy Bob Thornton who struggles with his past. 

There is around a percentage of 89 of those who like this movie.

Second, Walk the Line joins the list. 

Starring Reese Witherspoon along with Joaquin Phoenix who display their love for each other in this lovely film.

Third, The Firm which was shot in 1993 also is included in the list. 

This Tom Cruise film was about him being dragged into a law firm and how it goes about.

Another Reese Witherspoon movie adds to the list: Mud; shot in 2013, it is about a fugitive on the go who is later helped by two men. 

The other actors in this movie are Matthew McConaughe, Tye Sheridan, and Jacob Lofland. 

But are there any shows filmed in Bentonville, Arkansas?

Max Winslow and the House of Secrets is surely on top of the list. 

This thriller and Sci-Fi movie was filmed in 2019; it shows 5 teens who apply to a competition and have to compete against a computer to win! 

However, the description of the movie may seem incredible the ratings for Max Winslow and the House of Secrets are extremely low.

The second is Fixer to Fabulous which is about a couple in Bentonville who renovate houses. 

This TV show was released in 2019 and comprises 3 seasons.

Third, Sweet Inspirations is a movie about four ladies who are middle-aged and put in their efforts to save a local women’s shelter. 

The description of this movie may seem fascinating but it also has low ratings.

Moving on, F.R.E.D.I. am a movie about a young teen, Lucius Hoyos who struggles to search for the friendly robot that he has lost. 

This movie was released in 2018. 

Where are most TV shows filmed?

Los Angeles has the most sets, so typically there will be more TV shows filmed there. 

According to statistics, 34.1 percent of TV shows are filmed in Los Angeles, however, with time, the percentage dropped. 

There are many TV shows like FRIENDS, Gossip Girl, Stranger Things, One Tree Hill, etc. that have been filmed in New York. There is still relatively a lesser percentage of TV shows filmed in New York.

The second is Atlanta as it has a percentage of 10.9. And day by day, the number is escalating. 

With a close call of 9.7 percent, Toronto, Ohio is pretty close to Atlanta. 

How are there so many TV shows filmed in Los Angeles and New York? 

With 1335 productions in Los Angeles, it beats every other city. 

Hollywood has a set for everything! 

Do you want to be in London while in Hollywood? You got a set covered for you.

You name it, and you get it in the City of Angels.

New York has 532 productions and comes second to Los Angeles. 

But that does not mean that their sets are not appealing enough.

Some say that the sets in New York are relatively cheaper. 

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