Here’s What People From Arkansas Are Called

At first, it was a part of the territory of Mississippi, Arkansas was accepted as a state in 1836. 

A lot of significant importance is held in the world, and to its people in Arkansas.  

However, there has been quite a debate on what the citizens of Arkansas should be called. 

But, before that, there was a bigger debate regarding the pronunciation of Arkansas. 

Most people would pronounce Arkansas like Ar-Kansas. 

However, people from all over the world with different accents would pronounce Arkansas differently.

After long debates and discussions held by the two senators, it was decided in 1881 that it would be pronounced as Ar-Kansaw.

What are the people of Arkansas really called?

There is also a big debate about what the people of Arkansas should be called.

Some individuals prefer to be called Arkansans. 

However, the older citizens prefer to be called Arkansawyer.

Mind Blowing Arkansas facts

The first and most fascinating fact about Arkansas is that it has the only active diamond mine in all the United States!

Second, it is illegal to mispronounce Arkansas, and if you do, you have a fine to pay.

Third, Mount Ida in Montgomery Country is identified as the capital of Quartz Crystal in the world.

Have you ever thought of petting an alligator? The alligator farm at Hot Springs lets you do that.

Fifth, no one may kill any sort of living creature in Arkansas! Even a mosquito. So, be very careful.

Finally, over three-fourths of Arkansas is occupied by a forest.

Bored in Arkansas? Top 3 activities you have to try!

The Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs is the best place to go for amazing pictures. 

This chapel is beautiful and designed with glass. 

From the inside, you have a beautiful view of the greenery outside.  

The Garvan Woodland Garden in Hot Springs is the perfect spot to have a picnic. 

Other than that, you can also tour the 20 different gardens at Garvan Woodland Gardens. 

You can also visit the gift shop and buy a souvenir or go to the Chipmunk Cafe to eat.

The Hot Springs Mountain Tower is a tower that takes you 216 feet up in the air.

Yes, the view is to die for, but if you are afraid of heights, this is not meant for you.

From the top, you can see Diamond Lakes, the Ouachita Mountains, and Hot Springs Mountain. 

At the base of the tower, there is a gift shop and a place to grab a quick bite to eat.

If you need a breather, then the South Arkansas Arboretum in El Dorado is just for you. 

Here you can have a heavenly picnic or sit on the benches taking in all the beauty. 

You can also take a relaxing walk here as you look at the expansive variety of flowers.

Find out if Arkansas is the best or the worst state after all.

With natural beauty, Arkansas is what comes to your mind. 

Here in Arkansas, there are many rivers, lakes, and parks that can leave you relaxed or wanting to camp all the time. 

The little shops and town fairs for handmade crafts help the small business community and gives you a lot of shopping options.

Now, practically speaking, Arkansas is a cheap state and its cost of living according to the cost-of-living index is very low. 

Arkansas comes in the top 10 lowest property tax areas.

The traffic in Arkansas is also lesser than compared the other states no matter what the time is. 

There is no other place like Arkansas where the citizens can make you feel welcome. 

Hospitality and kindness are Arkansas specialties-which make Arkansas a great state to live in.

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