All About Buffer Night in Arkansas!

When you search about buffer nights in Arkansas, you come across very limited information about the topic.

Instead, you come across haunting stories that can get you chills.

You come across these stories at the mention of buffer night in Arkansas.

One particular story that comes up when you search buffer nights is the eye-catching story of Ebby Steppach.

What happened to Ebby Steppach?

Ebby was born on March 31, 1997 and lived in Little Rock, Arkansas.

When her senior year began at Little Rock Central High School, she decided she would move out from her parents’ home and stay with her friends or grandparents. 

This was Ebby’s first year at a public high school as earlier, she was enrolled in a private school.

On October 23, 2015 she attended a party and the next day she went to her mother’s house.

At her mother’s house, she told her stepfather that 4 men gang raped her at the party and she wanted to take action. 

She also claimed that there was proof of this as it was recorded on a cell phone.

Later the same day when her mother and stepfather tried to call her, they could not reach her cell.

Her cell phone records state that she texted the 4 men, threatening them and stating that she would go to the police and file a report.

On the same day, her last call was to her brother, Trevor, who says that she sounded uncomfortable and perplexed. 

Trevor states Ebby told him she was outside his house but in reality she was not.

When he called her again, she said that she was not aware of where she was and sounded disrupted.

This was the last time she was found in touch with anyone.

Two days after her car was found at Chalamont Park with the gas tank empty, the key still in the ignition, and a dead car battery.

There was no lead on where she was or where her body was for two years, despite her family offering $50,000 to the individual who can find her.

The 4 men had also said that there was no video.

The morning of May 24, 2018 the police had found human remains 60 meters from where her car was in a drainage pipe. 

Upon investigating it, it was discovered that it was Ebby Steppach’s remains, and they have been there for the past 3 years. 

This case was eventually ruled as a homicide.

This event shows up online when you search for buffer nights Arkansas.

The other haunting story you come across when you look up buffer nights

The first is about a group of 3 friends in the 90s, driving to Southern Missouri. 

There was no GPS and as the sun set, they missed a cut and were lost.

However, one friend Paul assured the others to not worry and how he knew about another cut that would get them to their destination. 

Unluckily, that turn led them to being lost an hour later and left them stranded. 

Fortunately, they came across a gas station where they stopped by, fill gas, and recharge. 

Two out of three of the friends entered inside while one stayed outside filling the gas. 

Entering inside, they came across a man, old enough to be in his 60s, who welcomed them.

They explained their whole situation to the friendly, old man who told them he is shutting down but they can take their time. 

He also suspiciously stated that they must hurry as that night was buffer night. 

The two friends were confused but ignored his comment and asked the man to help them with their destination on the map.

While doing so, a woman and a man entered asking the old man if these two friends are the guests they were expecting. 

But the man just stated that they were some “lost children.”

At this, the two friends got chills. 

The man and the woman told the two friends that the three friends must hurry as it was buffer night. 

The two friends were very confused how these random strangers knew they were three friends, as the third was outside. 

They also were suspicious about the fact how the man and the couple said the same thing.

Upon realising this, they rushed out after asking for the map, and sat in the car.

The third friend that was filling gas said that there were three men standing under a tree, across the road, staring at him fill the gas. 

The friend even waved at them, but they did not move an inch. 

The friends, drove as fast as they could with many questions in mind.

Again, when you look up buffer nights you come across such creepy stories.

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