Here’s What Jobs You Can Apply To in Arkansas As a 14-year-old!

Having a job at a young age comes with a ton of benefits, as it gives you a boost of help in your adulthood. 

It also leads to a smoother and easier transition to adulthood. 

It gives teenagers an idea of what real responsibility and productivity are like. 

They stay more independent and learn how to manage and divide their time and work equally. 

When teenagers work, they stay aware of what their priorities are and how to go about them. 

Research also states that those teens who work alongside their education are more capable of achieving good marks than those who are unemployed at a young age.

Young adults must learn how to manage and deal with money so it does not become difficult for them when they are adults. 

Having a job at a young age leads to learning how to manage and allocate your income wisely. 

But does Arkansas allow teens 14 years of age to work?

Children under 14 years of age strictly may not work unless it is during their holidays or vacations. 

If they are working in a corporate office, it must be under the vigilance of their parents or guardians.

However, for 14 year olds, they are allowed to work but only for limited hours. 

They also may not work in those jobs that harm their health or force them to do anything that does not allow an individual under 18 to do. 

Examples include working in a liquor shop, a bar, as a miner or driver, etc.

The other rule that is included for 14-year-olds whilst working is that they may not work for over 48 hours a week. 

It is also not allowed for them to work for over 6 days a week and on school nights they can not work after 7 pm or before 6 am. 

However, on nights they don’t have school, they can work until 9 pm. 

Four best jobs to work at as a 14-year-old

First, is work at a movie theater.

It is one of the easiest jobs as it comprises cleaning, or selling food. 

It is great for those teenagers who need to make some amount of money with school.

The second job a 14-year-old can apply for is babysitting. 

It pays great and does not require much work. 

If you are lucky, you might as well find a family in your neighborhood that needs a babysitter.

Next up is being a reseller. 

This job is the easiest as you are your boss at such a young age. 

You can sell items you do not need such as clothes, shoes, etc.

Last, if you are more on the creative side, you can sell your craft and art on websites or a social media platform like Instagram or Facebook. 

You can sell handmade jewelry, portraits, glass paintings and so much more-The list is endless.

What job can pay you the most at only 14?

Top of the list is a teen model. 

You don’t even have to show your face if you want but you can be a hand, feet, legs, or hair model. 

You can promote jewelry, hair products, or lotions. 

If you feel comfortable showing your face on platforms, then go for modeling. It sure pays well!

Next up is a teen actor: You might know of the Sprouse brothers who started their careers at such a young age and are very successful even as adults now.  

The option of working in a commercial is also there if you don’t want to star in a movie.

However, Arkansas requires individuals under 18 to have a work permit; so keep that ready!

Does Target hire teens 14 years old?

Target requires its employees to be a minimum of 16 years of age. 

If you want to work in their store, you have to be 16 years old and if you want to work in Target’s Distribution Center job, you have to be 18 years old. 

When you reach the age to apply at Target, you must have proof of being able to work in the United States.

Despite all the benefits, why do fewer teens have jobs?

The main reason is that teenagers are now more focused on their education and pursuing high degrees that can get them to good colleges.

Teens find their school life and their social life hard to manage, thus they don’t even think about their professional life at such a young age. 

The second reason is that there are very fewer opportunities out there for teenagers under 18 to work. 

Since most jobs have requirements like driving or being close to alcohol, they don’t open jobs for those under 18.

The last reason being many parents want their children not to begin their professional life at such a young age. 

They want their child to receive as much education as possible before they can start working. 

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