All About FCCLA’s partnership with Arkansas

FCCLA stands for Family, Career, and Community leaders of America. 

This organization is for students and for their convenience and is a national Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO). 

The exact purpose of FCCLA is for those children and students in the Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS). 

What is CTSO?

The Career and Technical Student Organization is for those students who wish to enhance their leadership skills.

Not only this, but this organization strives to work for students’ growth, self-awareness, self-confidence, people skills, and so much more. 

It also opens many doors and opportunities for the youth.

What is FCS?

The Family and Consumer Sciences is basically what their name says. 

It describes the study of home economics and the art of people and their surroundings and environment. 

Studying FCS gets you a more robust and better relationship at home with your loved ones. 

You can live a better life and contribute to the community meaningfully. 

The 4 major benefits that come along with FCCLA

First, FCCLA develops relationships at home and in your family.

Second, it teaches you how to work around in a group and around your peers.

Third, FCCLA improves your leadership expertise, greatly. 

Last, you make friends and have a wider circle!

When and why did Arkansas join FCCLA?

Arkansas had joined in October 1945 with the intention for the young Arkansanian individuals to grow and mature.

Since FCCLA helps students in understanding their career opportunities and college decisions, they are known as a well-known organization for the youth to grow and progress. 

They make students take part in several competitive competitions and events.

Along with this, they also teach students how to build relationships and leadership skills which is why Arkansas joined hands with them. 

What event occurred in February 1917 and how has it helped the United States?

To ensure children receive maximum education the Smith-Heugs Act was signed in February 1917 by President Woodrow Wilson. 

The combination of Smith being a lawyer and Heugs being a farmer led up to a very helpful act coming into being. 

This act helps vocational education progress. 

It emphasized the importance of education and the fields of home economics, agriculture, and more. 

Young fellow Americans were more set on their goals to learn and light the way. 

There were less school and college dropouts after this Act came into existence. 

This act has supported the education of many individuals as it has taught them the art of science, mathematics, and physics.

More children are well-informed about what they aspire to do in the future as they are aware of the knowledge of many fields that are stated above. 

More students are planning to go for higher, advanced, and more credit-worthy degrees.

They hold their heads up high and have goals to complete college and get brilliant jobs in the field they study.

However, this act was replaced by the Vocational Education Act in 1963. 

But again, after 21 years in 1984, it was Carl. D Perkins Vocational Act that was implemented as the law. 

Today, everyone looks up to the Smith-Heugs act and believes it is the reason this law came into being. 

How many FCCLA chapters does Arkansas have?

There are around 300 FCCLA Arkansas chapters with 6000 plus FCCLA Arkansas members.

Before you start an FCCLA chapter, there are four important things you must do.

First up, you must have a connection to the FSC. You collaborate and connect with the members of the FSC to form roles, structures, activities, and components. 

The second step is to ensure that you have an advisor who is a qualified professional of FSC as it is linked with the information taught in your classroom sessions.

Third, it is a requirement to have your school and the administration’s support. 

Being part of the FCCLA you have to take part in several competitions and events. 

Your school must be able to understand and grant you as much non-academic or extracurricular time as is outside of school. 

The last step is to make sure that YOU are part of the FSC organization and actively take part along with your teammates.

What was FCCLA called before it was named FCCLA?

Because of the making of the Smith-Heugs Act, FHA came into existence.

FHA is known as the Future Homemakers of America. This was the previous name of FCCLA before it was changed in 1999.

FHA’s vision was to prepare junior leaders of today to progress, transform, and develop to be just, fair, and great leaders of tomorrow. 

The top 3 visions and goals of FCCLA

The first goal is to bridge the gap between adults and children. To clear confusion and misunderstanding between the two.

The second is for others to gain knowledge about the science and art of home economics. 

To ensure others are aware of consumer sciences.

The third and most important vision is for young individuals to be prepared for their adult life.

To make it easier for them to progress into adulthood. 

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