Can a Felon Possess a Muzzleloader in Arkansas?

Many convicted felons face a lifetime of restrictions, including the inability to own firearms. However, as with most laws, there are exceptions. In Arkansas, felons are allowed to possess and use muzzleloading firearms for hunting purposes, provided they have completed their felony sentence, including probation and parole. Muzzleloaders are considered primitive firearms and are exempt … Read more

Can a Landlord Enter Without Permission in Arkansas? Exploring Landlord Entry Rights in Arkansas Law

Landlord entry rights are a contentious issue, and the rules governing entry without permission vary from state to state. In Arkansas, landlords are not allowed to enter rental properties without permission, even in emergencies [1]. This means that if a landlord wants to enter a property, they must provide tenants with adequate notice and obtain … Read more

Can Disabled Veterans Park in Handicap in Arkansas? Exploring the Laws and Regulations

Disabled veterans in Arkansas may wonder if they are allowed to park in handicap spaces. Arkansas has specific laws that govern who is eligible for handicap parking and what privileges they have. Disabled veterans are among those who may qualify for special license plates and placards that allow them to park in designated handicap spaces. … Read more

Can a Felon Vote in Arkansas? Understanding Voting Rights for Convicted Felons

Felony convictions can have a significant impact on a person’s life, including their right to vote. In Arkansas, like many other states, felons are not automatically granted the right to vote after completing their sentence. However, there are ways for felons to have their voting rights restored. According to Arkansas law, felons whose sentence has … Read more