Dollar Day Fun at the Arkansas State Fair: A Guide!

For many, fall symbolizes Halloween, pumpkin spice, and sweaters.

However, for Arkansans all across the state, the chill of October epitomizes the upcoming Arkansas State Fair.

The Arkansas State Fair is a ten-day affair.

Here you will enjoy delicious food from local vendors, fantastic music, tons of fun carnival rides, and lots more!

When will the Arkansas State Fair take place this year?

This year the fair was to be held from 14th October to 23rd October 2022.

Where is the State Fair held?

The State Fair comes to a fairground in Little Rock yearly. 

The Arkansas State Fair Complex covers an area of 120,000 sq feet and is just five minutes from downtown Little Rock.

Nearly 400,000 patrons attend the fair. 

Last year the fair welcomed a record-breaking 539,358 guests!

The exact address you can follow is:

2600 Howard St, Little Rock, AR 72206

How much does the State Fair cost?

You can pay an admission fee at the entrance and have access to the whole fairground. 

All the free Live Concerts are covered by the admission fee.

For adults, the fee is $12, for children between ages six and twelve, there is a reduced fee of $6.

As for children below six and senior citizens, admission is free.

Don’t forget to avail the early bird discount by purchasing your tickets in advance.

If you do so, prices go down to $8 for adults and $4 for children and seniors.

In case you’re driving to the fair, you can park at the fairground for an additional $10.

When is Two Dollar Day?

The official date for Two Dollar Day this year was October 17th.

On Two Dollar Day the admission fee, parking fee, and rides are marked down to $2.

What can you look forward to at the Arkansas State Fair?

The fair is jam-packed with attractions to keep you busy for a whole ten days and leave you wishing for more time!

Mouthwatering snacks

Let’s be fair, you need some heavy-duty fuel to keep you going at the fair, through the grueling hours under the sun and loads of walking.

Luckily, the fair is a paradise for food lovers.

Funnel cakes, barbeque, and deep-fried snacks are classics on their own. 

However, vendors from all over the state and even the country gather at the fair to serve their most creative inventions.

So be sure to check out your favorite food trucks and vendors rolling into town!

Phenomenal Live Performances

The fair sets the stage for some excellent performances by renowned musicians. 

This year the list includes Drive-By Truckers, The Wallflowers, Blanco Brown, and many more!

All concerts are free. 

You can also invest in some limited premium deck seats for $20.

Exciting Rides

The fair also has many carnival rides including magical carousels and thrilling roller coasters.

You can get unlimited rides with a  $35 Armband.

The fair has so much more to offer from livestock, motor, and ammunition expos to pageants and arts n craft submissions. 

There is no end to the fun!

Be sure to check the official website for the latest updates on all the fair has in store for you!

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