Moving to Arkansas: Pros and Cons!

Arkansas is in the southern part of the US. It is the 29th largest state by land size and the 33rd largest state in the country in terms of population, which summed up to 3 million residents as of 2018. 

Arkansas is also called the ‘Natural State’, given its dense forests and mountainous terrain.

Little Rock is the capital city of the state and is interestingly also the most populated one of all. 

For expats moving to the US, or even for people living within the US exploring moving to another state, Arkansas is a great option to consider.

Is moving to Arkansas a good idea?

It depends primarily on what are your priorities and what are you looking for out of moving to another state. 

Arkansas is a viable option if you aim to keep your cost of living low and want affordable property taxation policies.

The state also has nice weather, offers a lot of options for outdoor activities and is set in charming hometowns and small cities. 

If all the above are what you are looking for, it is a great idea to move in to Arkansas.

There are some cons of living in Arkansas as well, but they can be managed well if you choose the location to live in Arkansas smartly.

What are the disadvantages of living in Arkansas?

Although Arkansas is a beautiful state with a lot of advantages, there are some disadvantages to consider before moving to Arkansas as well.

·       Arkansas has high rates of gun ownership, rendering to its high crime rate that has fueled up even more recently.

·       the ‘Natural State’ has vast wilderness, making it dangerous. People living in the rural and wild areas of the state can be attacked by wild animals easily,

·       High rates of property crime in the state mean you need extra security measures like home insurance when you own property in Arkansas.

·       There is a lack of population diversity in the state, with Caucasians making up over 80% of the entire population,

·       One may struggle in building social circles in Arkansas since the people in Arkansas, especially in rural areas are not quite welcoming towards strangers; they typically have small, close-knit social circles of their own.

·       Although the weather is usually pleasant, but when it snows in Arkansas, there are high chances for people to get stuck as it can get dangerously deep.

·       When living in Arkansas, you are also in the tornado zone.

·       Education system of Arkansas isn’t the best and needs some upgrades, rates of literacy and educational performance of the state have been consistently low.

·       High poverty rates of Arkansas pose a risk of an increase in crime rate.

·       There are many nuclear power plants in the state, also posing you to the threat of radiation poisoning.

What you should know before moving to Arkansas?

Before you move to Arkansas, there are a few things you must know.

·       Humidity in the state may end up crushing you: Arkansas summers are considered being tough especially because it gets too humid. 

It will take some time for you to adjust to a layer of sweat every time you step out of the house. 

There are however places like rivers, lakes and streams to enjoy a nice cool down as well.

·       Bug Spray is Your Best Friend: Arkansas is home to mosquitos providing perfect breeding grounds to them given the humid climate, heat and plenty of water around. 

You should always carry a bug spray when leaving the house, especially if you plan to spend more time outdoors.

·       You may need a gun to fit in: There are many gun owners in the state, also because it is home to many hunters. 

If you are roaming around in a rural area and hear a gunshot, do not be too surprised as it may just be a regular thing. 

Guns are a simple tool to bring some food for the family in many areas of Arkansas.

Is Arkansas a fit state to live in?

Arkansas is a viable option to pick for living in, especially when you like to stay close to the American wilderness. 

The natural beauty of this state and its low cost of living are one of the top factors to consider it as a state to live in.

The weather in Arkansas is also mild across all seasons. 

It also is one of the most affordable states in terms of living costs. 

There are many job opportunities present and the economy is strong.

For business people, Arkansas is considered as being a wonderful option as it is one of the top ranked states for ease of doing business. 

The educational system is also decent making it a good overall package.

Let’s have a look at some advantages of living in Arkansas:

·       Arkansas weather is heavenly—it is mild across all seasons, summers get a little hot and winters are cool.

·       There are multiple options for outdoor activities given the weather and terrain of the state.

·       Many traditional sports and activities involving being outdoors in the middle of nature while also bringing you food delicacies like fishing and hunting are still alive in Arkansas.

·       Cost of living is considerably low in Arkansas as compared to other states, especially in its rural areas.

·       The laws in Arkansas are favorable for operating new businesses.

·       Given the ease of doing business in Arkansas, job opportunities are also ample in the state for expats.

·       The cities offer a lot of attractions for art enthusiasts, as you will find many art galleries and museums throughout Arkansas.

·       Arkansas is known for its natural beauty—there is no need to get an expensive apartment to enjoy a good natural view, rather you will find it in many places.

·       Mountainous areas of the state offer opportunities for you to take part in many winter sports when it snows.

·       Arkansas is a family-friendly state for many reasons, these factors make it a great state to raise your family in.

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