Who are The Purple People in Arkansas?

The purple people in Arkansas are also known as the Nahziryah Monastic Community. 

This community is dressed in purple clothing from head to toe which is why they are referred to as the “Purple Community.” 

Whether it is their cars or homes; it is all only purple!

This originated in 1968 and is present to date, comprising American-African individuals.

The Nahziryah Community is a peace movement, the people in this movement strongly believe that humans are just spirits trapped in someone else’s appearance. 

It is believed that these spirits are not made of anything such as a body or a mind.

However this “community” or cult is not the safest to be in. 

This community was founded by Reverend Nazirmoreh K.B Kedem, who identifies himself as eternal. 

He commands everyone in his community to not associate him with any pronouns and refer to him as a third person. 

What we know about Reverend Nazirmoreh K.B Kedem’s “cult”

The so-called eternal was born in Duval Augusta Mitchell in 1940. 

He was at first a Catholic but later converted in the 1960s to a Black Hebrew-Israelite. 

The Black Hebrew-Israelite condemn birth control and are strictly vegan. 

Later, when he moved to Mississippi with a small amount of following of his own and practiced Hinduism and Buddhism. 

K.B Kedem has been accused of physical abuse of his wives in the past that has left Nahziryah Monastic Community to get away from the violence of Kedem.

With the children in the community-he would make them lie on their backs and torture them, or hit their backs. 

With his wives, he did the same and if the wives screamed in pain, he would hit them harder.

The children there are deprived of all necessities at the Nahziryah Monastic Community. 

They may not be seen in front of Kedam and if they are in front of him, the children are supposed to leave immediately. 

The children may not interact or have any sort of exposure to the outer world. 

Kedam’s wives are told to bow down to him whenever they see him. 

It has been said when outsiders come across his wives or anyone in his community, they all look extremely upset. 

But when the authorities are informed about Kedem and his brutality, they eventually fall into Kedem’s lies and he gets away with the accusations and blame.

Although he has been married 5 times, he has had 1 legal marriage, and none of them have been healthy and lasting.

One survivor of the brutality of the Nahziryah Monastic Community and K.B Kedam; Shakeen Kedam-Fentis escaped in 2010 with her children. 

She could not nurture her own kids and women of the community would mother her babies from birth. 

Shakeenah, luckily ran away saving her own life from this violence.

What does the Nahziryah Monastic Community offer?

The purple people have made their own website, named Nazir Arts where they sell their handcrafted items.

On this website, there are hand-painted paintings sold along with essence and oils. 

Copper jewelry that is also handcrafted along with fluid arts is also available for sale.

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