Here’s Why People Hate Living In Arkansas!

Of all the 50 states in the United States, Arkansas stands out for its natural beauty which is also why its nickname is “The Natural Beauty.” 

Despite the weather extremes, the beautiful and breathtaking lakes and rivers in Arkansas make it several times better.

Along with this, their mountains, forests, and many camping spots also make Arkansas the perfect place for a relaxing getaway. 

Arkansas is also well known to be the capital of many things such as spinach, quartz, archery bow production, and last, folk music. 

However, Arkansas is also disliked by many people because of several disadvantages to this state.

Why is Arkansas not the most homely state?

To begin with, Arkansas has 15 to 18 percent poverty, and may not be the best place to live since its rising poverty leads to several families facing difficulties in surviving. 

The exact percentage of families facing problems is 41.

Because of this, many families cannot fulfill their basic needs with their low incomes. 

Families have difficulty saving for the future; such reasons are why there’s a lot of uncertainty in Arkansas. 

There are high extremes of child labor because of fewer sources of education leading to high poverty levels in Arkansas. 

Because of this, there are fewer people capable of working, hence, a scarce workforce. 

There are fewer health facilities there for the poor, leading to a shorter lifespan, and to people being more prone to diseases.

There are many dangerous mosquitos in Arkansas; this can be very harmful, not only for children but also for the older population. 

These mosquitos can carry several illnesses and the only way you can prevent them and avoid getting bit is by wearing a good amount of repellent. 

Draining stagnant water can also avoid mosquitos from coming.

The drawbacks you may face while living in Arkansas

Since the poverty levels are high in Arkansas and there are fewer educated individuals, the crime rate is extremely high here. 

Be extra cautious whilst living in Arkansas!

The reasons listed above have made the sales tax in Arkansas very high-you have to think twice before making your purchases.

Out of 3, 1 person is obese in Arkansas. 

There is great food there, so it keeps your taste buds happy, however, it can not be the healthiest.

Obesity can lead to many diseases like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many more.

Living in the rural areas of Arkansas means it will not be easy to find public transportation. 

Most people find it easier to just walk to their destinations since it’s difficult to find an Uber, taxi, or metro.

Like all other states, Arkansas has its own share of rules and regulations. 

But, Arkansas has more strange laws as per the people. 

For example, no matter how big the mosquito or insect may be, you can not kill it. You can only trap it!

Another example includes how you can not mispronounce Arkansas: You have to say it like, “Ar-kan-saw.” 

It is simply illegal to say it any other way. 

Adding on to the list of strange laws is how you can not blow the horn of your vehicle past 9 pm at a sandwich shop.

The brighter side of Arkansas

Despite all the cons listed above, the people of Arkansas have a lot of good manners and respect for one another. 

The Southern stereotype people may come as rude here is wrong, and the neighborhood is extremely friendly and diverse.

Second, the weather can be extreme here in some cities but it is not as bad as in Michigan or North Dakota.  

The temperature here is bearable and comfortable too, especially in the summers on the northern side of Arkansas.

The food at Little Rock is exceptional. 

Usually, they are known for their chicken tenders, fried chicken, or southern steaks and food. 

But, even the pizzas and barbecue are delicious.

The cost of living is comparatively lower than the other states. 

Out of the living index of 100, the cost of living is around 84. 

Also, finding a house is the cheapest in Arkansas as the index for that is 64.

If you save money, you might as well have a very luxurious lifestyle for yourself at a very cost-effective state!

Besides the list of pros, Arkansas is the perfect state if you want a calming getaway. 

With multiple parks, lakes, rivers, and cabin sites for families there are a lot of vacation spots here.

If you want to go camping, cycling, swimming, or horseback riding-all these facilities are there in this state.

The department of transport has ensured that the Arkansas roads and networks are wide. 

Being the 13th largest transport system in the United States, Arkansas has truly worked on its transport facilities.

With 4 highways, 4 airports, and a 3000-mile-long railway track, Arkansas’ routes are extensive and great for transport. 

The most welcoming city in Arkansas

On number 1 is Cave Springs, Arkansas. 

First, the public schools in Cave Springs are very good as they have experienced teachers.

The student-to-teacher ratio is also decent as it is 17:1. 

The schools provide a very secure environment for all the employees and students. 

Along with this, extracurricular activities are encouraged to increase exposure for students such as drama or music. 

Laboratories and libraries are also well-built for use.

A lot of investment is made by the community for these schools to make them diverse and equipped for the students.

Second, the crime rate is also relatively low in Cave Springs as the level of education is high. 

With a lower crime rate than the other cities, Cave Springs can be determined as a safe city. 

The costs of living in Cave Springs are also relatively cheaper than in other cities in Arkansas. 

The housing and all other basic facilities such as hospitals and transport are also less costly. 

And because of the reasons stated above, Cave Springs, Arkansas has a low poverty rate which makes it a better place to live. 

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