Is it Illegal to Dumpster Dive in Arkansas? Explained!

Are you aware of dumpster diving laws in Arkansas? If not, you must be!

Understanding the laws and regulations of your state is always the best place, to begin with. 

This article will guide you through the rules in Arkansas, and accordingly the different trash diving strategies for the state. 

We will also give you some bonus tips to make the most out of your adventurous trip!

Dumpster Diving in Arkansas

Arkansas is one of the most attractive and popular destinations for trash diving in the country. 

There are nine shopping malls and complexes, having over 1069 stores. 

In wealthier areas of Arkansas, like the Higden, Maumelle, Sherwood, Little Rock, Cammack Village, Lake Hamilton, and Prairie Creek, dumpster diving is very popular. 

This means that whether you like to go dumpster diving in such wealthy areas or simply at retail stores and malls-you will find it all in Arkansas.

Is Dumpster Diving Illegal in Arkansas?

Dumpster diving is legal in Arkansas, so you need not worry about getting involved in any illegal activity. 

However, you must follow the state’s rules and ensure that you do not trespass those. 

These also include the statutes and policies of the municipality and city. 

You may end up getting trespassing tickets in Arkansas, if you dumpster dive without prior permission as very private residence and business is considered a private property.

In most cities of Arkansas, there are no laws to prohibit you from dumpster diving on public properties like garbage collection curbs and other similar ones. 

In the landmark case of the United States Supreme Court, California v. Greenwood, a business or person has waived off its ownership rights effectively, from the items discarded in public dumpsters across the entire country.

If you search through the dumpster while it is present in a private house in Arkansas, you may be charged with theft or trespassing. 

If you enter a private property attempting to dumpster dive, despite a clear and visible sign for ‘No Trespassing’, you may be charged for trespassing and the business also has the authority to ban you from their premises permanently. 

You may also face charges for littering, misconduct or illegal dumping.

Therefore, reconsider the idea of dumpster diving in an area where you have to unlock a gate, or fence, or enter private property. 

These are not the best places for indulging in dumpster diving at, especially when you do not have all the required licenses and permits.

Dumpster Diving at night—Legal in Arkansas?

Dumpster diving is also legal at night in Arkansas. 

In fact, the restrictions on dumpster diving are more or less the same whether you do it during the day or at night. 

However, scavenging trash at night is a relatively dangerous activity to involve in. 

There is a stark possibility of an officer being sent to your location.

A much larger crowd is attracted when you are trash diving late at night in Arkansas. 

Most trash divers like to go for it at night as they want seclusion, but it is best to do it either right after dusk or early in the morning.

Best places to go dumpster diving in Arkansas

As mentioned earlier that Arkansas has many malls and complexes, providing some of the best places for dumpster diving. However, if you want to pick the top five places, they are:

·   Construction Sites

·   Retail Stores

·   Grocery Stores

·   Garage Sales

·   Cosmetic Stores

Dumpster Diving in Arkansas—Can you make good money?

There are several factors influencing the response to this question. 

People go trash diving for different reasons—some go to find some recyclable items that they can sell and earn a profit from, while others just go dumpster diving to get some food or grocery supplies for their personal use. 

Some people also go on the look for gadgets, electronics, furniture and books that they can later sell on Facebook Marketplace or eBay.

It is pretty complicated and in fact difficult to maintain garbage diving as a full-time job in Arkansas. 

It is not impossible either. 

There have been people who have gone to cash out as much as about $1000 a week, within just two years of going dumpster diving as a side hustle. 

This shows how it is possible to make a living out of just dumpster diving in Arkansas, when committed to it full time.

Coming back to the question, if you can make good money by dumpster diving in Arkansas or no-yes you can! There are garbage divers who even make as much as $1650 a week.

Final Thoughts

Trash diving is not illegal in Arkansas but it also depends on your county and city, where you may have some laws or policies prohibiting it. 

So, it is suggested to double check your municipality city code’s laws, which are now available on the internet free of cost. 

Finally, just follow the local ordinances, Arkansas’s Trespass after Warning statute, and some common sense, and you are ready!

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