Planting Tomatoes in Arkansas: The Full Guide

Tomatoes are one of the most popular plants grown in home gardens all across America. In Arkansas too, tomato season is highly cherished.  The summer is the perfect time to enjoy the newly harvested tomatoes, juicy and ripe to perfection. Tomatoes are believed to be native to Arkansas.  Even before the Europeans arrived in Arkansas, … Read more

Best Fruit Trees To Grow in Arkansas!

Growing Fruit Trees in Arkansas

Arkansas has very favorable conditions for homeowners and gardeners to plant home orchards or even a couple of fruit trees.  The relatively mild climate and loamy soil in most areas of the state are great conditions for growing fruit trees. The warm effect provided to the climate from the Gulf of Mexico to the South … Read more

Moving to Arkansas: Pros and Cons!

Moving to Arkansas: Pros and Cons

Arkansas is in the southern part of the US. It is the 29th largest state by land size and the 33rd largest state in the country in terms of population, which summed up to 3 million residents as of 2018.  Arkansas is also called the ‘Natural State’, given its dense forests and mountainous terrain. Little … Read more

All About Planting & Growing Okra in Arkansas!

All About Growing Okra in Arkansas

Okra was brought to the United States of America in the 1700s by Africans.  It is a warm-weather vegetable and has become a staple food delicacy today on American menus, particularly in the Southern states including Arkansas. If you are a gardener or like to maintain your own mini kitchen garden, wondering when to plant … Read more

When & How To Plant Strawberries in Arkansas!

Strawberries, unlike most other fruits, bloom on plants that grow near the ground and produce their runners for reproduction.  Strawberry plantings in Arkansas are divided into two seasons. What month do you plant strawberries? Planting in the Spring For a more natural growing season, most home growers prefer to plant strawberries in the spring.  In … Read more

State Mammal of Arkansas: All You Need To Know!

Even though America is not much known for its diversity in cultures, each state has a distinct and fascinating culture comprising rich history and natural beauty.  To represent and preserve this diversity of people and customs, these states have selected various symbols and customs.  These vary from having specific flags, mottos, fruits, animals, birds, songs, … Read more

When & How to Enjoy Turkey Season in Arkansas!

Turkey has a long history with residents of the US.  Be it thanksgiving or any other occasion, turkey is a must.  However, Turkey is more than a feast item-Turkey hunting is also a popular activity practiced in Arkansas.  Arkansas turkey hunters wait eagerly every year to go back into the wild and enjoy the hunt … Read more